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Dekang Coffee Flavoured E-Liquid (or is it?)

Dekang Coffee Flavoured E-Liquid (or is it?)

Juice Review 24/09/2013
'Dekang Coffee'

This is a written review of what appears to be 'Dekang Coffee flavoured E-Liquid'
The reason I am saying 'appears to be', is because it doesn't state on the bottle that it is Dekang who manufactured it. It's a plain white plastic bottle with a generic picture of a green field of growing plants. It had NO child safety cap, NO tactile warnings and NO use by date.
There is the usual warning message on the bottle stating :- Please keep out of reach of children, etc.

The juice I am reviewing is 'extra High' mg content, which is 36mg strength, and that was printed on a little round sticker, which was stuck to the side of the bottle. I checked for this on the Dekang website, where it states their highest nicotine content is 24mg, but if one contacts them, and wishes a higher nicotine strength, they will make a higher strength if requested. There is nothing on the bottle to say what PG/VG ratio it was, as this was unspecified.
I was kindly given this juice, as a gift from a friend, for my honest opinion and review. My opinion of this juice, will be my true and honest opinion as always.

I am using a dripper at 0.7 ohm on my Nemesis, with a fresh battery at 4.2 volts..

On opening the bottle, A strong musty, woody aroma wafted up from the bottle. It smelled of black perculated coffee and burning wood, but with something behind it that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It almost smelled of burnt embers.
Imagine a bonfire, and the burning embers are glowing red, and all you can smell is the musty aroma of heated wood, burning coal, and ashen carbon, with slight coffee undertones.
Many nuances of a coffee are reflected in the smell. You can tell just by aroma whether or not it's going to be a good coffee. Some good coffee flavours have that carbon taste, but it's quite subtle, and makes the flavour more pronounced. The mere idea of vaping this made me squirm.

I haven't really experienced any bad e-liquids, and I have enjoyed most of the flavours I have tried, especially some of the Dekang RY4 and fruity flavoured vapes, as there are some nice ones being sold. This one was somewhat more of a let down for me, and I had a 100ml bottle sitting in front of me.
I love my coffees, and enjoy shopping for different varieties of coffee bean to bring home and grind myself. It's fun experimenting with different beans to make new flavours. I'm what you would call a coffee connoisseur. I can tell if the coffee is a dark roast, a medium roast or just bitter, with charcoal characteristics, and this certainly smelled of burning charcoal.

On the inhale, a bitter burnt taste of coffee. It was strong and woody, and certainly nothing to be desired. It tasted nothing like my favourite Costas triple shot expresso, and certainly nothing like my Starbucks Latte with cream, sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg. This was vile, for a better way of wording it. It was really bad, but I knew that before I tried it, as the smell was enough.

On the exhale, a very unpleasant taste of burnt charcoal again, and to me it tasted nothing like the Dekang coffee flavours I had tasted previously. It was harsh, acrid and extremely bitter. There was a a dry taste sensation, mostly at the back of my tongue, and the flavour left a very bitter aftertaste in my mouth.  It was extremely dry, and generally disagreeable, as it lasted for a while afterwards, mostly with a smoky flavour at the sides of my tongue and in my throat.  It was Flat, dull, and very uninteresting, and no way was I vaping anymore of this. Once was enough. I couldn't get rid of the flavour on my palate, even after taking a drink of water and vaping some extra strong menthol.
The liquid was a Dark Brown/Black in colour, and seemed very watery. It may have been all PG, as there was no indication on the bottle to state otherwise. It was very Pungent and charred, and a flavour I would definitely NOT recommend to anyone.

Dekang is one of the lower priced e-liquids on the market. They do make decent quality e-liquids, at a really good affordable price, but these aren't your gourmet e-liquids, as everyone knows, and certainly can't be confused with the higher priced premium e-liquids on the market. A lot of Dekangs flavours are really flavoursome, and as I always say, taste is subjective & everyone's tastebuds are different. The E-liquid I don't like, you might enjoy, and vice versa. Everyone has their own taste in e-liquids. This one I will say was a one off, as I have tried quite a few of Dekang flavours in the past, and I'll admit, they have all been quite nice. Don't let my review of this Dekang Coffee flavour put you off as you might enjoy it. A lot of vendors still sell the Dekang range of E-liquids, and they are the authentic products from Dekang themselves. Why not give them a try and find out for yourselves but what I ask myself is....... Was this Dekang I had, or something completely different. I'll never know as the juice was poured straight down the toilet, without hesitation. I didn't enjoy it at all, but I would say to all of you, to be very careful when purchasing juice. My friend bought it from a vendor at a car boot sale, and it was sold as dekang, and it wasn't very cheap either. Only buy from a reputable vendor or those you know and trust, and with the knowledge and understanding that everything is sourced from a reputable manufacturer/Supplier. Dekang and Hangsen are both reputable manufacturers, and have come a long way in their industry since I began my vaping journey. They have brought out some great new flavours and the RY4 range is really nice, as is Hangsen's E-liquids. Their bottles are all clearly marked with all the necessary warnings, tactile labels and child proof safety caps etc. Everything is of a high standard where the juice is made, what sterile environment the juice is made in etc. It's down to your preference and what kinds of juice you prefer to vape, because in this instance, the bottle I had was somewhat different from the juice Dekang sells.

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