Thursday, 6 June 2013

'Vanilla Custard' Created By David Cart Aka 'Jim Jam'

Juice Review 06/06/2013

'Vanilla Custard' Created By David Cart
Aka 'Jim Jam' Of Vapers Unite on Facebook.

This is a written review of Vanilla Custard E juice created by David Cart, 'Aka Jim Jam'
This juice is 18mg 50pg/50vg.
All bottles have child proof safety caps and all have necessary warnings on labels.

On opening the bottle, the rich aroma of fresh and creamy vanilla custard caught me by surprise. It was a warm feeling deep inside, that filled me with wonder. The scent filled my nostrils and I just couldn't wait to try it. It was very inviting to say the least. I knew straight away, I was going to enjoy this juice.
Using a dripper at 1.09 ohms on my provari set at 4.3 volts, I took my first draw and in taking that first draw, my mouth was filled with the most amazing thick, creamy vanilla custard I have ever had the pleasure to try. It coated my mouth and my tongue and in licking my lips, I knew my tastebuds wanted more. This was a culinary delight. Refined and delicate, Smooth and Rich, this juice has it all. It gives my tastebuds an exceptional treat.

It takes me back to my childhood, and my memories of how much I loved custard, I still do. There is very little that can beat it, especially during the cold winter months, sitting by an open fire holding a bowl of warm creamy vanilla custard. It is an experience, that will have you coming back for more.

This juice captures the real taste of how a vanilla custard should taste. It surpasses any I have previously tried and one I most certainly couldn't compare to. This is by far the best Vanilla Custard I have tried to date.

The throat hit is perfect and not harsh, it is sweet but not overly sweet, the vapour production is immense with it being a 50pg/50vg juice, and the flavour is nothing less than heavenly.
Let me reiterate, in conclusion, this beautifully produced Vanilla Custard was produced by a man with a great passion for what he does.
His E juice is very popular and in demand and this is only one of many he has so far produced.
It's a very rich flavour, smooth on the palate, which I find very appealing, and one I would happily vape all day.

The service Jim Jam provides is second to none, with fast shipping and a wonderful customer service.
If you would like to try his E juice, please contact him on Vapers Unite on Facebook, where he will be happy to give you a list of flavours and prices.

C'est une belle creme mon ami et il est magnifique Jim Jam
Oh my, this is a beautiful custard my friend.

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