Thursday, 6 June 2013

'Peach Party' Created by Barry Peach.

Juice Review 6/6/2013
'Peach Party' Created by Barry Peach.

This is a written review of Peach Party. A wonderful juice created by Barry Peach.
It is 18mg 50pg/50vg

On opening the bottle I got the most beautiful scent of fresh ripe juicy peaches. Peaches so sweet and fresh, you could almost taste the richness of the aroma's.

Using a 306 dripper at 1.8 ohm on the provari set to 4.5 volts, I took my first draw.
The amazing taste of fleshy, juicy, ripe peaches awakened my tastebuds and started to dance around my tongue.
This was like biting into a fresh, mouth wateringly, Georgian Peach.

On the inhale the pure pleasure of succulent fresh peaches warming my senses, and on the exhale a chilled feeling, cooling your lips on the way out with an arctic tundra chill.

I took a moment to travel back in time to a hot Georgia day, trees lining the avenues with fresh fruits and ladened with peaches, all ripe and ready for picking. Fresh Peaches, soft and fuzzy to the touch and a feeling of pleasure when taking the first bite.
In the next instance I was in a sub zero continent where the icy blast, tantalized my tastebuds and tingled my tongue with an arctic menthol bite.

The peach plays an important roll and is suspected of being a forbidden fruit.
In ancient times, the Egyptian peaches were used as offerings of tranquility and peace from their Gods, and in Chinese (Taoist) Illustrations, old men appear with their fingers stuck in a fuzzy peach - a symbolic symbol of long life. In chinese folk lore the peach is a key ingredient in an elixir for immortality and appears in sexual mysticism.
The peaches sexy reputation is also known as an aphrodisiac.
The flavours in this juice depict arousal as you inhale this exotic flavour.
The arctic exhale blends to perfection with the sweetness of the peach thus complimenting each other brilliantly.

It is an exciting juice which brings you to life with the first draw. It is vibrant and refreshing. It's deliciously sexy and certainly arouses the palate.

This juice is exceptional. The throat hit is awesome, as are the plumes of vapour, and the flavour just blows my mind in a taste explosion.

I will conclude this review by saying that it is a beautifully produced work of art. Produced by a man who puts this work of art into creating his own juices.
It is very popular and again, one of many which Barry Peach has produced.

His service is impeccable as is shipping times and customer care.
You can contact Barry through Vapers Unite on Facebook

This is a punchy New Flavour which most definitely heightens the pleasure of your vape.

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