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'Marzi Cream Surprise' and 'Sherbet Lemons' by

Juice Review 09/06/2013 - Marzi Cream Surprise and Sherbet Lemons

Today I am reviewing two juices,
Marzi Cream Surprise and Sherbet Lemons, Created By Andrew Boon of , and kindly given to me for review by Paul 'Padge' Padget, A member of 'Vapers Unite Group' on Facebook.

This is a written review of both juices, and my opinion on this juice will be my true and honest opinion. The flavours I am reviewing are both 18mg 70pg/30vg.
I am using a phoenix dripper set at 0.8ohms on my 69 with a fresh 18650 battery, giving me 4.2 volts.

I will start with the first juice which is 'Marzi Cream surprise'.
On opening the bottle, I get the sweet scent of almonds. A very subtle, mellow scent, not overpowering in any way, with a slight hint of alcohol not unlike a cream liquer.
The bottles all come with child safety caps, and all have warnings on the labels that you can quite easily read.

On the inhale, I was pleasantly surprised. I could taste the mellow sweet taste of real marzipan, creamy and smooth with a velvety texture but very mild in flavour. This reminded me of the marzipan sweets I had as a child that my grandmother used to make. Very mellow but very pleasing to the palate and sweet but not overly sweet. On the exhale, again a very mellow flavour. I sensed straight away, the taste of an Irish cream whisky with the slightest hint of marzipan, both flavours complementing each other perfectly. Not as strong as I would have liked the flavours to be, but a pleasant vape just the same. This is a juice I would happily vape all day and if it had been a bit stronger, it would have been more palatable.

Moving onto the Sherbet Lemons. It is descibed on their website as 'A real 'Old English' classic sweet shop favourite. The bitter taste of lemon with the dry, sweet fizzy taste of sherbet. A truly nostalgic vaping experience!'
On the inhale I got a bitter taste of lemons, not like a lemon flavour I have  tried before, but still very limited in flavour. It too, was a very gentle flavour on the palette but with an acidic after taste and not as lemony as I would have liked it to have been. On the exhale, again, not really what I was expecting. I expected a fruity, fizzy type of flavour, but what I got was the same bitterness I tasted on the inhale. There wasn't much sweetness and the lemon tasted quite dry and bland.
Flavour wise it's not for me but if you like fizzy lemon this one might be for you. It might appeal to some but I like my flavours a little bit stronger.
Taste is so subjective and what one person likes the other person might dislike.
Vapour production on both juices, with the setup I was using was excellent.
If you would like to try either of these E liquids please visit
They all come with a choice of pg/vg ratios, and in nicotine levels 0mg-24mg
If anyone would like to see video reviews of these flavours, please visit 'Paul Paget' on youtube.

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