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'Jam Doughnut' Created By David Mallick

'Jam Doughnut' Created By David Mallick

Juice Review 14/07/2013
This is a written review of 'Jam Doughnut' By David Mallick
My opinion of this juice will be my true and honest opinion as always.

David Mallick, a very dear friend of mine, and a member of 'The Toot Suite', a vaping group on Facebook, where vapers come to chat, chill and learn things about vaping. It is being run by vapers, for vapers, and is one of our admin team there. David has taken a keen interest in perfecting E-juices for all of you to enjoy, and his skills are highly regarded as nothing but perfect.
He began his mixing career not long after he started vaping, and has succeeded, in mastering the art of making gourmet juice, through perseverance, hard work and determination. It took David several attempts and many recipe tweaks, but the results are sensational – the hard work was well worthwhile. David is a highly respected member of the vaping community, and is held with highest esteem by fellow vapers alike. He has just recently joined Vapertrails.TV, and I wish him well for the future. He has created many premium E-juices, that have been perfected By himself, to the highest standard, and I'm here to tell you about one of them today.

'Jam Doughnut'

All bottles are beautifully labelled and easily read, and come with tactile warnings and child proof safety caps.
I am using my dripper at 1.9ohm, on my Bella Box Mod, set at 4.5 volts, and made for me by a fellow vaper and good friend, Steve Booth, also a member of 'The Toot Suite'.

On opening the bottle, one word came to mind, Wow!. I had never, in my time vaping, ever smelled anything, that resembled a freshly baked doughnut from a bakery before.
The aroma was just like walking into a bakers shop first thing in the morning when the bread and pastries have just been baked.
I always delighted at the aroma of freshly baked bread and pastries. This was too good to be true. The aroma of freshly baked bread was simply breathtaking. I generously sniffed the bottle, and I could also smell the sweet aroma of a rapture of raspberries, plump, sweet and juicy, wafting through the air in front of me. Seducing my senses, and getting my tastebuds ready for a vaping sensation. This could only be described as sublime.
As a child, I loved when my mum and I, would stop by our local bakery on special occasions to pick up a box of fresh doughnuts. The aroma from freshly baked bread, baking in the oven, and the sweet smell of powdered sugar in the air, was somewhat delightful. What wonderful memories they were. Thinking back, I always said, that nothing beats the ones straight out of the fryer, being tossed in sugar and ready to eat hot, straight out of the box.
The aroma from David's Jam Doughnuts, took me back, as on opening the bottle, all I could smell was that bakery, back in my childhood days.

On the inhale, a soft, fluffy, freshly baked doughnut, coated in sweet powdered sugar, and filling my mouth, with the most scrumptious flavours. This was simply beautiful. Warm and sweet, but not overly sweet. Softly gliding over the palate and resting on my tongue. I was actually experiencing the eating of a real doughnut. It tasted so real, it felt like I was actually eating one. David has said to me, there are 10 flavours in this juice to make it what it is, and it's truly delectable to say the least.
I tasted a slight hint of saltiness lurking in the background, with the sweetness of the sugar. The powderiness of the doughnut stuck to the roof of my mouth and the flavours lingered for quite some time after. I could taste milk, butter, vanilla, and cake batter. All bakery goodness and notes of a little added spice.There was so much to this juice, it was very intriguing.

On the exhale, the beautiful taste of fresh raspberries, which reminded me of homemade raspberry jam. Sweet, Plump and Juicy, with loads of added flavour, and the warming, baked taste, straight out of the oven.
Once baked, the centre is filled with fresh raspberry coulis, and finished to perfection, with a dusting of powdered sugar. There were hints of nutmeg and vanilla, with lashings of cakey batter, so creamy, so delicious, and extremely moreish. My tastebuds went into overdrive. It was a gorgeous combination of flavours, blending together perfectly, giving the balance of flavours I just couldn't put down. This juice is exceptional and one I could most definitely vape all day. If you haven't already tried it then order some from David now. You won't be disappointed. I don't know how he does it, but he has managed to do it again with his brand new juice 'Jam Doughnut'.
If you would like to try this e-juice, then please contact David through 'The Toot Suite' on Facebook, where he will be happy to answer any queries you may have.
You can also contact our other resident juice maker 'Barry Peach', through the same link, as his e-juice is up there with Davids.
More reviews coming soon. Stay tuned.

Rhubarb & Custard, Blueberry, Irish Cream, Super Menthol, Bananas & Cream, Cherry, and Mint Cinnamon. Created by Linda & Rob Reid at

Rhubarb & Custard, Blueberry, Irish Cream, Super Menthol, Bananas & Cream, Cherry, and Mint Cinnamon.  Created By Linda & Rob Reid, who own 'The Coolbreeze Ecig Store' in Boston Spa, Wetherby.

Juice Review 14/07/2013
This is a written review of these juices.

The first juice I am reviewing is 'Rhubarb & Custard '

Linda & Rob Reid, who run their own online store 'Coolbreeze Ecigs, kindly gave me these E-juices free, for the purpose of review. This is a written review of 'Rhubarb & Custard' created by Coolbreeze, and my opinion of this juice will be my true and honest opinion as always. All juices I am reviewing are 36mg/100% vg.
I am using a dripper at 2.1 ohms on my Provari set at 4.5 volts, which I will remain using throughout my reviews.
The bottles all come with child proof safety caps, tactile warnings and all information, which can be read easily.

On opening the bottle, the aroma of a sweet vanilla essence. Very subtle but also quite prominent. I could tell just by smelling this liquid, it was going to be a pleasant vape.
On the inhale a very subdued vanilla cream, one, which coated my palate with a soft velvety sweetness, laying there on my tastebuds, coating every inch of my tongue and filling my mouth with the desire for more.
On the exhale the sharpness and sweet acidity, not unlike stewed rhubarb, rolling over my lips, as I savoured each flavour. Delicate , yet sublime, and bringing back memories of days gone by.  It was a delectable mix, and both flavours combining perfectly, to give you the rich creaminess of the vanilla, and the acidity and sharpness of the rhubarb, giving my senses a zing of life.
Rather than being the heavy dessert 'Rhubarb and Custard' pudding, this is a light refreshing sweetie vape, I am sure everyone will love. What a little revelation this juice is. A flavour that can quite easily be vaped all day.
Rhubarb and Custard Sweets, ironically, contain neither rhubarb nor custard . They were created over 50 years ago by a sweet factory worker called 'John Bull'.
They have been popular ever since and still are to date. There was even a children's cartoon named after them 'The Rhubarb and Custard show' which drew in a wide audience of children back in the late 70's to early 80's. 'The Rhubarb & Custard' combo, is one of the most quintessentially traditional of sweets and to this day is still enjoyed by many.
If you liked Rhubarb and custard sweets as a child, you are more than likely going to enjoy this.

The second of the juices I am reviewing is  'Blueberry'

On opening the bottle, the aroma, of quite simply 'blueberry'. A fresh blueberry baked with a sprinkling of sugar, juicy and plump and smelling divine.
On the inhale, what a surprise, the taste of wild blueberries with a sharp sweetness, not unlike the retro candy sweet 'Wild Blueberry Bonbons'. Very mellow, very light, with a slight hint of tartness, coating the whole of my mouth with a marshmallowy, fluffy, fruitiness. Chewy, juicy and fruity.
On the exhale, a burst of blueberry washing over the palate, challenging my tastebuds, and making my mouth water. Fresh, yet creamy, making me lick my lips and draw my cheeks together. This would be beautiful at any time of day.

The history of the 'Blueberry' goes all the way back to BC, 15,000 years ago, and today, a relative of the blueberry plant, is the oldest living thing on earth, estimated by botanists to be more than 13,000 years old.
Fresh blueberries are in their prime in the summer months and are available to buy all year round. In the wintertime they are sold in the supermarkets as bags of frozen berries but a little added sugar, you can make a wonderful Blueberry pie.

This is a flavour I would happily vape all day and if you add a dash of Koolada into this juice it makes it cool, refreshing and great for a hot summers day.

Moving onto juice number 3, 'Irish Cream'

On opening the bottle, a beautiful creamy, spicy aroma, not unlike a Bailey's Irish Cream. The aroma was satisfying, and I could smell the whisky, hidden under lashings of sweet cream and vanilla notes. Straight away I knew I was going to enjoy this juice.
On the inhale, I felt a warmth, sliding over my palate, and brushing gently onto my taste buds, sweeping notes of whisky or bourbon, while warming me deep inside. A feeling came over me, and I felt relaxed and content. Slowly, taking my time, making sure I savoured each moment, as it trickled onto my taste buds and filled my being with senses of comfort, serenity and joy.
On the exhale, the most delicately, smooth, hint of chocolate with subtle notes of coffee, trickling back over my lips, leaving the whole of my mouth in a state of bliss.
This to me, tastes like homemade Irish Cream my mother used to make, and brought back memories, of sitting by an open log fire in winter, sipping warm Irish Cream, sprinkled with cocoa powder and nutmeg, feeling relaxed, content and dreamy.
Irish Cream is a liqueur. It is popular in Canada, America and the United Kingdom. It was based on Irish whisky, and can have ingredients such as coffee, mint, caramel, condensed milk, carnation milk, vanilla or cream. It can be warmed in winter with spices and fruits, or used with ice for a beautiful refreshing liqueur in the warmer weather. There are many different variants of Irish Cream but my favourite has got to be 'Baileys Original'.
This juice is definitely one I would keep for special occasions, or if I wanted to relax with friends.
Pleasant and warming, creamy and delightful. It can be used for any occasion that best suits you. Try it and see. You won't be disappointed.

The next juice on my list is 'Super Menthol'.

On opening the bottle, the aroma of an icy cold menthol. Cool, minty and strong.
on the inhale.... The extreme blast of pure menthol, went rushing over my tongue, quickly freezing my senses, while numbing the back of my throat. Filling my whole mouth with a strong minty bite. This was serious menthol. No holds barred 'Menthol'. Strong, refreshing and powerfully minty, with a good icy kick.
On the exhale a slight hint of eucalyptus, lying in the background, gently cooling and soothing the tongue whilst it slithered coldly over my lips. Pure and refreshing to the taste.
Not sweet in the slightest, just a pure menthol blast of insanity. The menthol vapour, assaulted my palette, with a punchy, minty blast, leaving me chilled, cool and satisfied.

If you are a Strong menthol lover, you are going to enjoy this. It makes your taste buds stand on end.
Why not order some today and try it for yourself.

My 5th juice is 'Banana's and Cream'

On opening the bottle, the pleasant scent of fresh, Natural bananas. Plump, ripe and ready to eat. Smelling wonderfully rich and tantalizingly yummy.
On the inhale, a Creamy, rich, sweet banana taste. Wonderfully sweet but not overly so, with a firm, yet creamy flesh. Oozing lots of flavour and filling the whole of my mouth with it's creaminess.
This juice tastes quite similar to a banana milkshake, with lashings of vanilla icecream, milky goodness and mashed bananas with a little touch of sugar syrup added to give the juice it's appeal.
On the exhale, again the smoothness and the scent of the banana, gently flowing from my mouth, covering my taste buds, with the most delicate of tastes and aromas.
I couldn't vape this juice all day, but it's a nice vape for after a meal, or when you feel like something creamy and sweet.
If you enjoy banana milkshakes , then this might be to your liking. Go on, Give it a try.

My 6th juice from 'Coolbreeze Ecigs' is 'Cherry'

On opening the bottle, I got the scent of maraschino cherries. Subtle, light, fruity, sour, oaky, a cherry noted aroma. The maraschino cherries we know and use today in our drinks and on our desserts. Very sweet and extremely pronounced. Not unlike liquor-soaked cherries .  They are named Maraschino, due to the manufacturing process used to preserve them.

On the inhale, a very distinctive taste of sour cherry, acidic but at the same time very sweet. The depth of flavour was more of a sweetie type of cherry, not unlike the 'Cherry Drops' I bought as a child. Stunningly cherry-ee, hard boiled sweets with a soft chewy centre.  If you`re a fan of cherry, then you will enjoy this  It's very tasty, and very, very fruity.
On the exhale, the finish is light and tart, a sour note flows over my tastebuds making my mouth water. The balance of sweet and sour make this a very enjoyable vape. One I couldn't vape all day, as I felt that the more I vaped it the more sickly sweet it became. Personally it is not for me, but if you enjoy fruity, cherry vapes, this one could be for you.

Moving onto my last juice 'Mint Cinnamon'.

On opening the bottle, the sweet, pungent, woody smell of cinnamon. Very faint and quite subtle on the nose. Not overpoweringly spicy either, but just there and no more.
On the inhale, a sweet peppery note, with a certain amount of warmth, but nothing strong and too sickly. I was expecting this to be punchy and hot, but instead it was mellow and very light in flavour, and sweet but not overly sweet.
In reality, cinnamon does not register on our tastebuds, (which only register sweet, bitter, salty, and sour). It registers as a fragrance or a smell.
Cinnamon doesn't really have that sweet taste to it either, but you can enhance the flavour to make it sweet. It has a savoury, musky flavour and by adding sugar, it brings out the sweetness of the cinnamon itself.
On the exhale, a very mellow minty flavour. Again very subtle on the tastebuds, and to me, not giving the spicy kick I was looking for. Limited in flavour and sweetness and Very dry and peppery on the throat.
If you like cinnamon, minty vapes give this one a try. You've got to remember, taste is subjective, and what I don't enjoy, you might love. This is one I couldn't vape all day and this flavour wasn't for me.

All E-juices I have reviewed have plumes of vapour, but you would expect that from a 100%VG juice. The throat hit is strong at 36mg and can be a bit to harsh compared to other liquids at the same ratio. Flavours I would give a 7/10. You have to remember that it all depends on the setup you are using, what voltage or wattage you have it set to, and what cartomizer, atomizer, tank etc you use.
If you would like to try any of these juices, please visit Coolbreeze at thei website, which is , where they will be more than happy to assist you.