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VapeMunki-Eliquids  ....  15/08/2013

My review today is somewhat different from what I normally write. I wanted to let you know about a brand new website which went live on Tuesday afternoon, by a very dear friend of mine. His name is Barry Peach, and his New website is called 'VapeMunki-Eliquids'.

VapeMunki E-liquids has been set up for the purpose of selling gourmet e-liquids to the vaping public.
Barry has been renowned for his gourmet E-liquids, as far back as I can remember. He started mixing his own juices not long after he started his vaping journey, and has now become one of the top leading juice creators within facebook itself. His skills are impeccable, and his dedication to his juice creations are admired by many. His premium e-juice line is very popular within our vaping community. He is enthusiastic, and has the drive and ability to succeed in all he does, through perseverance, hard work and determination.
Barry is very well known and highly respected, by all who have the pleasure of knowing him, and is highly regarded for the wonderful work he does for the vaping community. He is one of our inhouse resident juice makers, as is another dear friend of ours, David Mallick, who also creates simply amazing gourmet e-liquids, that everyone should try. Our group is called 'The Toot Suite', a vaping group we run together. A place for vaper's to come and relax, learn things about vaping, ask questions, have a chat, and chillout for a while. It is run by vapers, for vapers, and Barry is one of our admin team there. If you would like to join 'The Toot Suite' group, come over and introduce yourselves, we'd love to see you there.

Barry also runs VapeMunki-Eliquids facebook page,, where he will be happy to answer any questions you might have. He also has his own DIY e-liquid page, called 'DIYejuiceuk' where he kindly assists in helping others aquire their own mixing skills, so If you should require the knowledge of mixing your own juices you're very welcome to join in anytime.

VapeMunki's e-liquid's have so much depth and character, the flavours make your tastebuds cry out for more. The juices he creates become very addictive, as they are perfection at their very best. It is very difficult to distinguish how many flavours go into each juice, but you get a different flavour with each and every vape. They are simply irresistable, and VapeMunki Eliquid's have over excelled themselves in creating wonderful e-liquid recipes we all know and love. I have had the honour of tasting most of their flavours and oh Wow!, they are up there with the best of the best. Amazing flavours, which has taken Barry months to perfect, are all ready and awaiting your approval, and I'm sure you will enjoy them as much as I have.
It took him many failed attempts, recipe tweaks and sleepless nights to perfect these delicious flavours, and it was all worth it in the end, as the results are truly astonishing. From the moment you try VapeMunki E-Liquids, you can really tell them apart from the others. These are premium e-liquids and the deliciousness is achieved with no artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings. Everything he creates, is in a league of it's own. The ingredients are all sourced within the UK, and manufactured to the highest standard. VapeMunki E-liquids, endeavours to provide customers with the quality and excellence they expect, and will ensure they provide a consistent standard of service to each and every customer. There are twelve tailor made E-liquids on their website at the moment, and VapeMunki will meet the requirements, to suit each individuals personal taste. Zero nicotine e-liquid can be bought from the store at a lower cost, and also 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths. More options for people who prefer higher nicotine strengths will become available in the near future, but if you prefer a higher strength, the Munki's have assured me, if you send them a message, they will do what they can to meet your needs.

VapeMunki's E-liquids are £4 for a 10ml bottle, or you can select 3x10ml bottles for £10. Zero Nic is 50p less on each 10ml bottle and VapeMunki has assured me that larger 30ml bottles will be available soon.
All E-liquids come as standard 60VG/40PG, and they are going to offer tailor made ratios in the near future. If you need any special requirements before then, send them a message and they will see what they can do for you.
If you would like to sample VapeMunki's premium E-liquids, visit, you won't be disappointed. Those liquids have been perfected to the highest standard for you to enjoy. You really need to try them to find out what all the fuss is about. They're that good.
VapeMunki E-liquids will ship worldwide. Just ask VapeMunki himself for details.

Twelve Premium juices, All luxurious flavours at VapeMunki E-Liquids. On Sale Now.

BLACK BETTY-Juicy Black cherries with a dark undertone of liquorice for your vaping pleasure.
LANI LA'AU-Tropical warm seas and sandy beaches are brought to mind whilst vaping this tasty E-liquid. It's fruity, sweet and slightly alcoholic flavoured.  - indulge yourself with this wonderful juice.
PEACH PARTY-Juicy ripe peaches with an icy menthol kick, perfect for hot sunny days.
BAZILLA CUSTARD-Our Take on the ever popular Vanilla custard e-liquid. This juice was developed over a 6 month period, and is totally unique in taste.
NOBODIES FOOL-Tart juicy gooseberries and thick, sweet cream blended together to form this delicious juice.
3XT-Totally Tropical Tasting E-liquid, the popular soft drink for you to vape everyday.
TARTES AUX FRAISES-Delicious Strawberry Jam Tart flavoured juice.
GUMMY JUNK-Gummy bears with a touch of naughtiness, you won't believe how nice this juice is...
VANITY FLAIR-Crushed juicy cherries with thick sweet cream, truly a luxurious vape,  perfect for when you want to treat yourself.
VANILLA ICE-Creamy decadent vanilla with just the right amount of icy menthol.
JAVA JUNKY-Barista style coffee, creamy, sweet and perfect for your morning vape.
GLACIAL CHERRIES-Four different varieties of cherry flavourings, blended together with an icy blast of menthol for your pleasure.
CHILLED MUNKI SLIME - Zingy Lime flavour E liquid, chilled to perfection for your vaping pleasure. An icy blast will refresh you and reinvigorate your senses in ways other juices just can't beat.

Reviews of VapeMunki's E-liquids can be found on my blog at (50 Days Of Vape.....E-Juice Reviews). The link for which, is also available on VapeMunki E-Liquids homepage.

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