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'Ecto Strawberry' Created By Anna & Ian at

'Ecto Strawberry' Created By Anna & Ian at

Before moving on with the juice review, this is their story of how it all began.

Vape-it uk is a friendly run family business based in the South-West.
Our aim is to give you as much choice as we can, a friendy service and super fast post, so no long waits for vape-mail.
We were both smokers, and smoked between 20-30 cigarettes a day for over twenty years .

My Story..

 "I had considered giving up cigarettes a number of times for health reasons, but didn't want to give up smoking. I started looking for an alternative, smoke free solution. Then I stumbled upon E-cigarettes, and I have not looked back since. I can already feel the benefits, both physically and financially!" *

E-cigarettes are an alternative to real cigarettes and tobacco, they are NOT part of  NRT (nicotine replacement therapy). You will need to seek medical advice for information on NRT.

Vape-it uk would only recomend E-cigarettes to current smokers.

PG and VG E-Liquid

What Are the Known Side Effects of Propylene Glycol?
Some of the side effects experienced by people that use Propylene Glycol are muscle pain, sore throat, and a stronger smelling urine. These symptoms can all result from using e-cigs that have Propylene Glycol-based e liquid in their cartridge. Since PG is considered an humectant (it collects moisture), your throat can become dry after use and potentially sore. It can also result in an increase of lactic acid production by your body causing muscle aches that occur more often than normal. In order to counter-act these symptoms, it is recommended that you increase your fluid intake in order to flush the lactic acid from your body more quickly. This will also help with alleviating your sore throat more quickly, which normally disappears after a few days. If you find yourself beginning to suffer from bowel movements, a rash, or having night sweats you may be allergic to propylene glycol. If this occurs, you will need to seek out an electronic cigarette solution that is vegetable glycerine (VG) based instead.

What to Do if You Are Allergic to Propylene Glycol?

If you are allergic to Propylene Glycol it does not mean that you have to give up on electronic cigarettes. Many e-cig manufacturers produce products that either use VG or have it available as an alternative to Propylene Glycol. VG also produces an odourless vapour though it is considered to be a bit thicker and sweeter than PG. Vegetable glycerine is also known as Glycerin, Glycerine, VG, or Glycerol. United States Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia produce? food safe? versions of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.

We have a live chat on the website in the bottom right of every page. You can contact us there live, or if we are offline you can leave us an email and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.
Thank you for visiting our site and keep on vaping !!

Vape-it uk

Juice Review 13/09/2013
'Ecto Strawberry'

This is a written review of 'Ecto Strawberry' created by Anna & Ian who own Vape-it uk.
A web based E-cig store situated in Taunton, Somerset.
The juice is 24mg 60PG/40VG, and is one of their new E-liquids.

Anna & Ian kindly sent this to me, for winning their competition on facebook.

Juice Summary on their website:-
'ECTO Strawberry'
Citrus flavour blended with a hint of strawberry.
This liquid will be freshly made for you and will need to steep for at least 1 week before using
10ml/20ml bottles are available.

I am using a dripper at 1.7 ohm on my Vamo, with a fresh battery set at 4.3 volts.
All bottles are beautifully labelled and easily read, and come with tactile warnings and child proof safety caps.
My opinion of this juice will be my true and honest opinion as always.

On opening the bottle, the aroma of strawberry, hidden lightly behind the citrusy fragrance of lime and orange, and maybe a little tart lemon juice. The lime seemed to be more prominent than the other aromas I could smell.

On the inhale, I could taste the sharpness and bite of the citrus. It's a positive perception of the citrus being balanced perfectly with the sweetness. There were lemon, limes, and orange, to zest it up a little. The smoothness of the strawberry, being the more prominent flavour in the juice, stood out quite a bit from the other flavours. The citrus was slightly sharp on the inhale, and the strawberry was smooth and delicate as it flowed over the palate flawlessly, combining beautifully, with all flavours to give a very pleasant vape.

Midpalate, the flavours combined astonishingly well. The citrus was in no way puckered, and the undertones of the juice were zesty, and very sassy. This juice is packed full of flavour, with An array of fresh, ripe, sweet strawberries mingling together with a mix of clement, citrous fruits to create the perfect, refreshing 'Ecto strawberry' vape.

On the exhale,  I could almost taste hints of grapefruit, as there were undertones of bitterness. Very slight, but very tangy. It was clean, crisp and clear with vibrant notes of strawberry and citrus. Sweet but not overly sweet. Definitely not cloying in any way, and rather smooth and fruity. The flavours came together superbly.

Ecto Strawberry is a slightly sharp flavour, carried by the smooth strawberry tones. The flavours are counter balanced with sweet and tart, and brings everything together to make one lush juice. It is a very pleasant vape, although taste is very subjective. I've never been very keen on citrus type vapes, but I really enjoyed this one. It makes a change if you're looking for something different to vape in between flavours, and it's a superb palate cleanser. It can also be used as an all day vape, as it's very refreshing. For those of you who like your Ecto type vapes, this juice could be for you. Try some, you won't be disappointed.

There were good amounts of vapour, a decent throathit for it being a 24mg juice, and bags of flavour in this juice. Easy to vape and very easy to enjoy. A very refreshing vape indeed.
Vape-it UK's E-liquids are all freshly made to order on the premises, by Anna & Ian themselves, and are made using only the best quality ingredients.

If you would like to try Vape-It's flavours, please go to their website to place an order, or visit them on their facebook page at where they will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


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