Monday, 10 June 2013

'Bazilla VC', and 'Jam Tart' Created By Barry Peach.

Juice Review 10/06/2013 - 'Bazilla VC', and 'Jam Tart' Created By Barry Peach.

Today I am reviewing two juices. 'Bazilla VC', and 'Jam Tart', Created By Barry Peach, A member of 'Vapers Unite' Facebook page, and both were bought and paid for with my own money.

This is a written review of both juices, and my opinion on this juice will be my true and honest opinion as always. The flavours I am reviewing are all 18mg 50pg/50vg.

I am using a dripper at 1.7 ohm on my mvp at 4.1 volts.

I will start with the first juice which is 'Bazilla VC'.
The bottles all come with child proof safety caps, and all have warnings on the labels that you can quite easily read.

On opening the bottle, I got the sweet aroma of an amazing creamy custard,  and one I knew I was going to enjoy trying. The aromas were coming through quite strong, and there were other hints in there, hints of flavours that stood out from the others, and I knew straight away this was going to be so much more than I had imagined. I could smell butterscotch, caramel, vanilla, and and it was a juice I couldn't wait to try.
Vapourwise, with the setup I was using was immense.
Flavourwise this juice was truly delectable. On the inhale the flavours were punchy and vibrant. I could taste, vanilla, vanilla custard, caramel, butterscotch, nuts, not unlike hazelnut, Irish cream liquer,a touch of chocolate. Infact too many flavours to pinpoint exactly what flavours were in this awesome juice. The flavours all intermingled with one another, and blended perfectly together, and what a beautiful flavour explosion it was. All flavours danced around my mouth lingering on my tongue and coating my tastebuds with the creamiest, ambrosial flavours you could ever imagine.
On the exhale, wow!, in one word, 'Sublime'. Again, the flavours all hit you again, with each one being as dominant as the other. A warm, comforting, creamy vape that I would most definitely recommend to anyone.  Sweet but not overly sweet and one I could vape all day. Truly a masterpiece.

Moving onto our second juice, 'Jam Tart'
Again, when opening the bottle, the aroma of freshly grown sweet, juicy strawberries, brought back fond memories of my childhood, when we would go strawberry picking in the countryside. We each had a basket, and in the hot summer heat, we would spend, what seemed like hours, collecting as many Strawberries as we could, until we had enough for my dear mother to make homemade jam.
The aroma from the bottle reminds me of those bygone days.
On the inhale a beautiful shortcake base, rich, creamy and buttery, melting on my palate. The flavour stays in your mouth and clings to your tastebuds, and on the exhale the strawberries, with the sweet jam, comes through, and joins the buttery, crisp pastry, warming together to produce the most exquisite strawberry tart.
I don't know how Barry Peach does it, but the perfection of this high quality juice, is way beyond any of your expectations, and makes it another one of his premium flavours.
The vapour production is exceptional, and the throat hit, is perfect on both juices. Another excellent creation.
If you would like to sample Barry Peach's Premium collection of E juice, you can contact him on 'The Vapers Unite group' on facebook, where he will be happy to give you a full range of his flavours and prices. Try them, you won't be disappointed.

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