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'Choc Banana', 'Bounty', 'Raspberry Cream' and 'Choc Limes'. by David Mallick

Juice Review 10/06/2013 - 'Choc Banana', 'Bounty', 'Raspberry Cream' and 'Choc Limes'.

Today I am reviewing four juices. Each juice was created by David Mallick, A member of 'Vapers Unite Group' on Facebook, and all four were bought and paid for with my own money.

This is a written review of these juices, and my opinion on the juice will be my true and honest opinion as always.
The flavours I am reviewing are all 24mg 50pg/50vg.
I am using a 306 dripper at 1.5 ohms on the roller with a fresh 18650 battery reading 4.1 volts.

I will start with the the first juice which is  'Choc Banana'.
The bottles all come with child proof safety caps, and all have warnings on the labels that you can quite easily read.

On opening the bottle, I could smell the sweet aroma of both a creamy, milky, dark chocolate and fresh ripe bananas. The aroma from the bottle made my mouth water. It was extremely appealing to me and I couldn't wait to try it.
On the inhale, a devine creamy, milk chocolate with a dark chocolate undertone, blending together in perfect harmony. Moist, creamy and piquant, It coated my tongue and stayed present on my palate for quite some time, exciting my senses. The flavours of the sweet, melted chocolate in my mouth resembling a dreamy bar of chocolate, melting slowly on my tastebuds, was simply heavenly.
On the exhale, the taste of fresh, ripe bananas, mixing gently with the creaminess of the chocolate, blending both together, to give a perfect combination of both flavours.
The juice is sweet but not overly sweet. Not something I would vape all day, but I would have this as an after dinner dessert vape, a comfort vape, with a hot mug of cocoa while relaxing, watching my favourite movie on a cold, drab day, or for an evening by the fireside. This juice would suit any occasion or simply, for anyone who loves chocolate, like I do.

Moving onto the next juice which is 'Bounty'.
On opening the bottle, I could smell the aroma of, again, a creamy, seductive, chocolate, and hints of coconut milk. The aromas were devine. I didn't get far, as the scent took me back to paradise, lying on a beach, with the sun beating down on my face, whilst the waves and sea breeze gently swept over my body. Sipping coconut milk from it's shell, and the brown husk of the coconut, gently pressing against my face, and the aromas of this juice sent me into a dream state, and made me feel warm inside.

On the inhale a sweet tantalizing, chocolate, which coated my mouth and stayed on my palate for a while after, making me think I had just eaten a chocolate bounty bar. So creamy, sweet and delectable, it makes you hunger for more.
On the exhale I got quite a surprise, as the coconut milk I thought I could taste at first on the inhale, changed when it reached my lips to a luscious, toasted, crisp coconut. sweet, as toasted coconut should be and infused with fresh, creamy coconut milk. The flavours were sublime, not unlike a coconut macaroon.
Both flavours complemented each other perfectly and again with this juice, if you like a rich, sweet chocolatey goodness, then try this, as it's absolutely divine.
Throat hit and vapour production were perfect, with the setup I was using.

The Next juice I am reviewing is 'Raspberry Cream'
On opening the bottle I could smell the sweet aroma of freshly grown raspberries. I imagined them to be a bit sour with a hint of sweetness, and they smelled absolutely devine.
I knew I couldn't wait to set up my dripper and try this juice, so on my first inhale, the punchy taste of fresh raspberries made my tastebuds stand on end. They were fresh and flavoursome, sweet and creamy, and I knew this juice would be one I would order again.
On the exhale the flavours came alive. I tasted whipped cream and fresh raspberries on my palate. The flavours stayed on my tongue and lingered in my mouth with a sweet raspberry and a slight hint of tartness, and gives  this juice the perfect combination of flavours. It tasted not unlike a raspberry smoothie. Very Fruity, creamy, sweet, but not overly sweet and it aroused my tastebuds until they were begging for more.
I could quite happily vape this juice all day. It has a beautiful blend of raspberries and cream and the flavours are fresh and clean on my palate.

The fourth juice I am reviewing today for David Mallick is 'Chocolate Limes'

On opening the bottle, I could smell, quite simply, chocolate and a citrus kick of fresh lime juice.
Very strong, as well as very appealing.
I love both flavours separately, but I was a bit unsure of how the flavours were going to work together.
On the inhale I got the taste of a dark chocolate, very subtle and not overpowering, nor bitter, and again a hint of milk chocolate mixed in to give it a soft sweetness. On the exhale, a wonderful citrus fruity lime. These flavours worked so well together. It was like eating the chocolate lime sweets I had as a child. To my surprise, both flavours worked perfectly together to give a rich, satisfying vape. It is not a juice I could vape all day as it's very rich but it's another premium juice, I will definitely buy again and have on special occasions.
As like the other juices, this one gives good vapour production, throathit and flavour. I would recommend this juice to anyone.

If you would like to try these juices for yourselves, you can contact David Mallick on 'The Vapers Unite group' on facebook, where he will be happy to give you the full range of his flavours and a prices. Try them, you won't be disappointed.

The 'Vapers Unite Group', on Facebook have so many appealing E juice creators. There isn't one I haven't enjoyed thus far. Their flavours are all so tasty and tantalizingly yummy, they deserve to have their creations reviewed.

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