Tuesday, 11 June 2013

'Vanity Flair' and 'Gummy Junk' Created By Barry Peach.

Juice Review 11/06/2013 - 'Vanity Flair' and 'Gummy Junk' Created By Barry Peach.

Today I am reviewing two juices. Created By Barry Peach, A member of 'Vapers Unite' Facebook page.
This is a written review of both juices, and my opinion on this juice will be my true and honest opinion as always. The flavours I am reviewing are both 18mg 50pg/50vg.
I am using a dripper at 2.04 ohms on my sigelei set to 4.7 volts
The bottles all come with child proof safety caps, and all have warnings on the labels that you can quite easily read.

The first juice I am reviewing is 'Gummy Junk'.
On opening the bottle,  I could smell an array of sweet, fruity aromas. The smell was strong and punchy and very difficult to distinguish one fruit from another.

On the inhale, It burst onto my tongue and into my mouth, casting a spell that consumed all of my senses and teased my tastebuds. On my palate, I got hints of maybe, citrus orange, lemon, and lime,  hints of  berries, such as, raspberry, strawberry, lingonberry and blackberry, I could also taste the tartness of grape and pineapple. A multitude of sweet juicy flavours, all bursting with flavour. Too many to mention. It was  sweet, but also fizzy, with acidic notes, which gave this juice a sherbety tartness, with a fizzy zing, which sizzled on my palate, and drew my cheeks together. This juice reminded me of both the gummy candy 'swedish fish', and the adult cocktail of the same name.

On the exhale, wow!, a taste explosion of the same fruity flavours hitting my lips, with that same punchiness it gave on the inhale. This juice had mountains of flavours. It was refreshing and fruity, zingy and fizzy, sweet and sour, an absolute taste sensation, seducing your senses with a different taste explosion with every draw. It lingered on my tastebuds for a while afterwards.

 I couldn't vape this juice  all day but if I fancied something sweet, then this is the juice I would go for.
A beautiful juice, packed full of sweet, fruity goodness, and one I would recommend to anyone.

The next juice I am reviewing is called 'Vanity Flair'

On opening the bottle, I could sense cherries. A nice strong cherry aroma, not a fresh cherry, but a hard boiled, cherry pastille sweet. The bottle was oozing flavour.

On the inhale, a mystical mix of cherry berry goodness, coating your palate, caressing your tongue and seducing your lips. Creamy and soft, beautifully blended, sweet but not overly sweet. On the exhale, the taste of a natural, creamy madagascan vanilla, smooth, creamy and delicate on the palate and blending perfectly together to become one delectable juice, which subdues the senses leaving you begging for more.

If you wish to try any of these gorgeous flavours. Contact Barry Peach on facebook, through the 'Vapers Unite Group'.

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