Wednesday, 5 June 2013

' Vanilla Bean Custard ' created by Darren Bundy

Juice Review 4/6/2013

VANILLA BEAN CUSTARD - Created By Darren Bundy who owns
This is a written review of the named juice which was kindly sent to me for review.

This Juice is 24mg - 100% VG

On opening the bottle the aroma was quite strong but very pleasant. Straight away I got the smell of a spicy vanilla custard, not unlike a 'Baked Vanilla Butternut' or 'Creme Brulee'.
The aroma of this juice took me back to Thailand, and the sweet aromas of fresh vanilla pods, wafting their sweet fragrance in a hot, sultry, but slightly breezy day and filling a bustling market place with all the pungent smells of freshly ground spices.

Vanilla Bean is a flavour derived from the 'vanilla orchid' species, and quality vanilla beans are glossy, moist, supple and long, and show their characteristics of being a quality vanilla flavour.

I am using the igo-L at 1.5ohms on the sigelei at 9 watts.
On the inhale, I could taste a sweet quality vanilla bean with a slight hint of nutmeg and brown sugar which are very delicate on the palate and which stay on my tongue and fill my whole mouth. I am sure there is a touch of stevia to give this juice it's sweetness.
It has a very delicate creaminess and being 100% VG gives off plumes of vapour.

On the exhale a slight nuttiness which makes this juice a very complex juice as there are a few flavours which are difficult to distinguish and all combine very well together to give a different flavour with each vape.

This can be a winters day delight, A comfort food, which is complex, very rich, sweet, but also delicate on the palate.

Overall a surprisingly pleasurable vape, but unfortunately, one I couldn't vape all day.
If you like a vanilla custard with a difference, then give this juice a try. It could be the one for you.
A very nice juice but not one for me I'm afraid.

If you would like to order this, please contact Darren Bundy on Vapers Unite, Facebook or

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