Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Bouchie Boys ' Mint Cream' By Damien Bouchere

juice review 31/5/2013

This is a written review of 'The Bouchie Boys Mint Cream'. A new juice created by chef 'Damien Bouchere , who kindly sent it to me for review.
Damien creates a range of exciting flavours and he has new flavours already on the way. He will make his juice to your own requirements and only does 10ml and 30ml bottles but has told me he is willing to do larger bottles on request.
If you would like to order Damiens Juices, you can contact him on facebook or through 'The Vapers Unite facebook page for a full list of flavours and prices.

The juice I have here today is 24mg and 50/50 pg/vg ratio.
I am vaping it on the evic at 8 watts with an AGI dripper wicked at 1.6(ohms).

On the inhale I get a nice throat hit, like tiny snowflakes gently encapsulating my whole mouth in a bubble of mintiness.
When the bubble pops it fills my mouth with a freshness not unlike a cold crisp morning air.
On the exhale, A pleasant yet not expected burst of creaminess filling my whole mouth and coating my tongue , enveloping my taste buds and leaving a mellow creamy mintiness.
The vapour production is good with this juice with it being a 50/50 juice and the throat hit is just enough to give you what you need in a good vape.
The flavour is fresh and mellow and it is a juice I could certainly vape all day.
Imagine yourselves sucking on an after eight dinner mint without the chocolate and you have the flavour I'm tasting right now.
It's soft, creamy, and seductively sweet but not overpoweringly sweet and both flavours compliment each other perfectly.

If you would like to try what I have just experienced , get in touch with Damien. It's so good.
Overall:- Beautiful juice and another 10/10 Well Done! Damien.

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