Wednesday, 5 June 2013

' Lani Lu'au' E-juice Created by Barry Peach.

Juice Review 30/5/2013

This is a written Review of a new up and coming juice made by Barry Peach, a member of 'Vapers Unite' on facebook, who kindly sent this sample for me to review.
The Juice is called 'LANI LU'AU' 18MG 50/50

On opening the bottle, the aroma of flavours just hit me. I could smell an array of fresh and exotic fruits. I knew then this juice was going to be exciting.

Using an igo-S on my sigelei at 9 watts I took my first draw. OMG the punch of the flavours were dancing around my mouth and on my tongue. I could sense a hint of cherry, pineapple, maybe a little tangerine orange and strawberry but there were other mysterious flavours present that I couldn't quite put my finger on but this was a taste explosion as there were citrus hints and mango, infact I could be guessing all day because this juice is so intense.

On the exhale, WOW!! A cocktail of flavours hit you again with a bubbliness and sparkliness of champagne or lemonade.
The flavours are not overpowering but very flavoursome, sweet but not overly sweet and just a perfect balance and combination of what has gone into it.
It is difficult to define exactly what all the flavours are but when you vape it, it certainly is a phenomenal taste explosion in your mouth.

The vapour production was immense to say the least and it is a juice I could happily vape all day.
It takes you to summertime, you can feel the sea breeze, hear the rustle of the palm trees waving back and forth gently blowing in the wind and to a paradise you don't ever want to forget.

When you pick this up, you won't want to put it back down.
You could try and guess all the flavours but you'll be guessing for a while as this juice is very complex but exciting.

I recommend this juice to anyone and I will say, Go and put your orders in with Barry as it it a MUST TRY.

Overall 10/10 AWESOME!! Juice Barry Peach. Well Done!

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