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'Sticky Minty Munki Junk' Created By 'Vape Munki E-Liquids'

'Sticky Minty Munki Junk' Created By 'Vape Munki E-Liquids'

Juice Review 24/09/2013
'Sticky Minty Munki Junk'

This is a written review of 'Sticky Minty Munki Junk' created by Vape Munki E-liquids.

VapeMunki E-Liquids have three categories of juice to choose from on their website, and they are all worth trying as they are all exceedingly good. The categories are,  'The Mystic Monkey Range', 'The Primate Range', and 'The Gourmet Range'. I have tried most of them, and I can strongly recommend you try them. There are a total of thirteen juices to choose from, and Baz has told me that more new flavours are being added to the website soon.
My opinion of this juice will be my true and honest opinion as always.
The juice I am reviewing is 18mg 40pg/60vg, and is one of the Munki's new E-liquids from 'The Mystic Munki Range.

Vape Munki E-Liquids use only the best ingredients which are sourced in the UK.

I am using a dripper at 1.9 ohm on my Zmax.
All bottles are beautifully labelled and easily read, and come with tactile warnings and child proof safety caps.

On opening the bottle, the aroma of sticky, sweet, buttery, caramel toffee, with hints of a cool, chilling peppermint scent, fanned from the bottle and into the air. It was sweet, creamy and deliciously mouth watering. This was one I couldn't wait to try.

On the inhale, a creamy, sticky toffee coated my palate. The buttery smoothness and rich caramel toffee flavours, reminded me of a sweet I used to eat as a child. This juice tasted exactly like 'Mint Toffo's' you used to be able to buy. It was extremely moreish and tasted divine. My whole mouth was filled with the most wonderful taste of my childhood, and it brought memories of my childhood days flooding back to me.
Nestle had stopped making Toffo's. There were no warnings of them closing down, one minute they were there on the shelves, and the next minute they were gone. This upset me considerably, as they were my favourite sweets. If I remember correctly, you could get the selection pack of original flavours, banana, strawberry, chocolate, toffee and my personal Toffo sweetie of choice, Mint. I liked to take them to school with me in my school bag each day. It became a regular habit, and my friends knew I would have a packet of mixed Toffo flavours hidden away in the darkest crevices of my school bag. I guarded my bag with my life, as no one was getting my sweets. Since I liked the mint ones the best. I used to open the packet and take my favourites out so no one could get them. Maybe a bit selfish, I know, but never come between a girl and her favourite sweets I say. I got into the habit of having them everyday, until the day they stopped making them. I was actually amazed when I found out you can still buy them today. I'm no longer in pursuit of Mint Toffo's, but I have the next best thing here in a vape... Yes, it's my 'Sticky Minty Munki Junk' and it's so much more healthier for you too, and tastes so much nicer. Mmmm!!

On the exhale, my mouth was filled with a sensational, cooling peppermint. Creamy, and sweet, and very minty. Coating every tastebud in my mouth with a cool, buttery, sticky caramel. Chilling my palate, and leaving a perfectly blended, well balanced, flavour sensation on my lips. It is sweet but not overly sweet, and it isn't sickly in any way. There is no bitter after taste, and VapeMunki has got the flavour just right. The Munki's have done it again. This is going to be another big hit for VapeMunki and I for one will be ordering another big bottle of this.

The throat hit was soft and gentle for an 18mg juice, there was no harshness at all, and the vapour production was extremely good, for a 40/60, pg/vg blend. Infact there were clouds of vapour. This is most definitely another E-liquid, I would happily vape all day, and will be.

Another brilliant E-liquid from VapeMunki E-Liquids.

If you would like to place an order, visit VapeMunki E-Liquids here :- They are doing a promotion at the moment, if you buy 3x10ml bottles of the same flavour, you get them for the staggering price of £10. (except for Homer, Sticky Minty Munki Junk and Choc Limes), which aren't included in the deal. Also coming soon to VapeMunki E-Liquids is the larger 100ml bottles, allowing you to stock up on all your favourite Munki Flavours. Buy some today, you won't be disappointed.
or chat to VapeMunki himself on 'The Toot Suite' facebook group:-

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