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'3XT' Created By Barry Peach who owns

'3XT' Created By Barry Peach who owns

Juice Review 13/09/2013

This is a written review of '3XT' created by Barry Peach from VapeMunki-Eliquids, who owns a web based E-cig store, situated in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.  My opinion of this juice will be my true and honest opinion as always.
The juice I am reviewing is 24mg 50pg/50vg, and is one of their new e-liquids in the gourmet range. A new line of Premium made juices using only the best ingredients which are all sourced in the UK.

I am using a dripper at 1.2 ohm on my Gus Telescopic, with a fresh battery at 4.2 volts.

All bottles are beautifully labelled and easily read, and come with tactile warnings and child proof safety caps.

On VapeMunki's website The Summary reads:-
'3XT', Totally Tropical Tasting Eliquid, a popular soft drink for you to vape everyday.

On opening the bottle, Oh my! VapeMunki certainly knows how to make juice. My tastebuds were doing a merry dance just smelling the aroma from the bottle. If there is anything such as an aroma explosion, then this was it. This was awesomeness in a bottle. An unmeasurable amount of awesomenimity something like this can produce. The aromas came joyfully leaping out of the bottle one at a time and smelled like heaven. Open a can of lilt and smell the fresh aroma and the fruitiness. Let all the scents fizzle up your nose and this is exactly what you get, '3XT' There were strong hints of grapefruit, pineapple and a lemony, limey citrus note, which smelled absolutely divine.

VapeMunki's e-liquids are in my opinion the best there is. I have tried all of them now apart from the 'Blue Baboon' and 'Chilled Munki Slime', but have heard so many great reviews by those who have already tried them. Every flavour is outstanding, and once you start vaping them, you just want to try them all. Gourmet juice at it's best. High Quality you won't find anywhere else. I can't rank them highly enough. Superb in every way, and the flavours are second to none. I will be putting my order in soon for the others. A lot of new flavours are being added to the site in the near future, and 100ml bottles will be available soon as they are on request.
Vaping these juices take you to places, you can only dream of being. Every vape you have takes you on a new journey.

On the inhale, I was on the caribbean Island of Saint Martin. Lying on a bare sandy shore. A warm breeze blowing gently over my body, whilst listening to the sound of the waves and the ripples of the water. Quietness instilled me, and all I could hear were the sounds of nature. The palm trees gently blowing in the breeze. A hot beaming sun, shining down on me, caressing me gently with it's warmth. Just laying there, basking in the sun underneath a pale blue sky. Mmm, it was heaven. I slowly put the juice to my mouth, I could taste everything that was paradise. Flowing over my palate, gently caressing my tastebuds, the juiciness of the '3XT' the tartness of the citrus flavours, blending superbly together with the grapefruit, was a dream come true. There was just enough sweetness to carry the whole juice off and to mingle with the tartness. What a juice. It was amazing. They just get better and better.

On the exhale, all flavours came together. I got notes of pineapple, grapefruit and a slight citrus. I was tasting Lilt, the totally tropical taste, straight from the can. The flavours were immense. It was flavoursome and refreshing and I will definitely be buying the 100ml bottles when they become available. You all must try it, you won't be disappointed.

The throat hit was perfect for an 24mg juice, and the vapour production was extremely good, for a 50/50, pg/vg blend. This is another E-liquid from VapeMunki-Eliquids I would happily vape all day.

If you would like to try VapeMunki's new line of UK flavours, please go to their website to place an order, or visit them on their facebook page at where they will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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