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Today I am reviewing four new e-liquids, sent to me free for review from Sharon and Flemming over at LTecigs in Shipley UK. Thank you to both of them.

The e-liquids I am reviewing are :-

AHL OH RIO - (6MG) 50/50 PG/VG 
AHL WAKE UP -  (6MG) 50/50 PG/VG 

All E-Liquids are 50VG/50PG Mix for the best combination of taste, throat hit and vapour.
AHL is short for "Another Hyped Liquid", their new e-liquid range.

The NEW AHL Range comes in 3mg/6mg/12mg/18mg
and all other e-liquids on their website come in 0mg/4mg/6mg/8mg/10mg/12mg/14mg/16mg/18mg/20mg/22mg/24mg.
A wide variety to suit everyone's needs.
You have the choice of 10ml & 30ml bottles from £2 for 10ml and from £5.40 for 30ml. When an e-liquid is first released onto the website you can order trial sized bottles in 5ml bottles for only £1.00
All bottles are filled to the rim giving you more e-liquid for your money.

All bottles come with child safety caps, tactile labels, warnings and use by dates etc. The labels are all clearly printed and easily read. Some of their bottles come shrink wrapped. 
My opinion of the e-liquids I am reviewing today are my own, and will be my true and honest opinion as always. Taste is very subjective and what I dislike you may enjoy, and vice versa. Remember e-liquid flavours vary depending on the power, resistance and airflow of your chosen devices. Different setups give you different flavours at lower and higher temperatures, so please keep that in mind. 
Today I am using my Cuboid with a Griffin RTA reading 0.4ohm dual coil with fused kanthal coils and organic cotton, set at 47w for direct lung inhaling. This setup is only for advanced users. I will also be using an ego one starter kit with a 1.1ohm coil using a fresh ego one battery giving 4.2v, for mouth to lung inhales, for newer vapers. 

Juice No.1 - AHL OH RIO- (6MG) 50PG/50VG

On opening the bottle, there was a pleasant characteristic scent of vanilla, quite faint, but with a lingering aroma. A mellow chocolate scent closely followed. To me, it resembled a freshly opened packet of chocolate chip cookies . I think the title of the e-liquid gives the flavour away with a well known cookie we all know and love. 

On the Inhale, which was very smooth, I could taste vanilla. The Vanilla is aromatic and contributes warm, floral notes to the juice. It’s a gentle but distinct flavour that complements the chocolate nicely. There were hints of a biscuity base. To me It lacked a little in flavour. 

On the exhale, the chocolate was at the forefront, with a slight hint of biscuity vanilla, but still very mild in flavour. The chocolate is milky rather than dark. It wasn't too sweet or sickly, but the flavour on my palate diminshed quite quickly on the exhale with no lingering aftertaste, and I found the aroma stronger than the vape itself.

Summary:- A great chocolate is going to engage all of your senses. It will smell good, taste good, look good and vape good. I like my chocolate vapes to be creamy, to feel dense and full on the palate. A piece of chocolate lying on your tongue. Melting slowly on your tastebuds, leaving your palate coated with warm luxurious chocolate, lingering on your tastebuds after you exhale. Heavenly!. However LTecigs have some wonderful chocolate e-liquids in their array of amazing flavours. Sadly on this occasion this one wasn't for me.

Would I buy this e-liquid ................ Possibly if it had more flavour.
Would I change anything about it .................. I would add a bit more flavouring. That's really all thats needed to become a nice all day vape.
Vapour Production ............... As always from LT, very good vapour production for a 50/50 juice. It also depends on the setup you are using.
Throat hit - slight at 6mg vaping it mouth to lung. None for direct lung inhale. It's a very smooth inhale with no harshness.
ADV - Yes
Final Thoughts - 'Oh Rio' e-liquid was quite pleasant, but lacked in flavour for me. The flavour is quite weak on the  palate, but taste is very subjective and everyone's tastebuds are different. This is only my opinion. If you enjoy milder flavoured vapes you should give it a try. 

Juice No.2 -  WAKE UP - (6MG) 50PG/50VG

On opening the bottle, the distinct aroma of a Light Espresso Roast. Full bodied, clean, and robust. A slight creamy scent from the bottle, suggested a little cream or vanilla had been added. The great aroma of fine coffee beans, is a satisfying aroma first thing in the morning for those who love their morning coffee. 

On the Inhale, a beautiful medium roast Colombian Coffee bean flavour coated my palate. Rich, smooth and satisfying. 

On the exhale, The flavour is crisp, yet contains mild, creamy aftertones as you exhale. A delightful medium roasted coffee that delivers a clean and sweet fruity taste with hints of vanilla. It is delicately fruity with a silky smooth mouth feel, giving you a full and flavourful vape. A perfect balance with a pronounced aftertaste. Slightly oaty on the exhale, the coffee leaves a sweet lingering aftertaste on your tongue.

Summary:- When vaping e-liquids, taste and mouthfeel sensations vary over the palate and tongue depending on the flavour, and thickess of the PG/VG etc. Not everyone enjoys coffee. It's like marmite. You either love it or you hate it. I love my coffee vapes and this one is smooth, delicious and clean tasting. It has an aromatic quality to it and it's like a fresh, full bodied Columbian coffee. 

Would I buy this e-liquid ................ Yes
Would I change anything about it .................. No 
Vapour Production ............... Great for a 50VG/50PG liquid.
Throat hit - At 6mg it was Perfect in the ego one. In my RTA there were plumes of vapour with direct lung inhaling. Very Smooth and well balanced. No harshness or cloying. Sweet but not overly sweet.
ADV - For me No, as it can become quite sickly and overpowering if vaped for long periods of time. A vape in the morning after breakfast, or sitting relaxing in the evening after a meal is when I would vape this one. It might be an all day vape for some, but not for me.

Final Thoughts - Sit back and relax and think about those medium roast coffee beans filling the kitchen with their wonderful fragrance, as you let the aroma and flavour of your morning coffee vape, whisk you away to the lush, steep rolling slopes, of Colombia.

Juice No.3 - BUBBLEGUM - (6MG) 50PG/50VG

On opening the bottle, an explosion of fruitiness wafted from the bottle. The sweet aroma of the old school classic 'Hubba Bubba bubblegum.  Very fruity and childlike, and certainly fun to vape. I've tried many bubblegum e-liquids in the 5 years I've been vaping and have never been able to find one with that 'wow' factor. They always tasted like a piece of gum with the already chewed flavour. There were a few nice ones and some not so nice, and one I really enjoyed a while back, but sadly, they no longer make it. The aroma rising from the bottle was very promising. The pleasant sweet scent of strawberry, and notes of banana, made me salivate. Let's see if this one stands out from all the others.

On the Inhale,  the initial hit packed a punch, flowing over my palate at ninety miles per hour. Sweet juicy bubblegum, sugary pear drops and a cooling kick that will surprise your taste buds. The wonderful combination of flavours are well balanced, very refreshing, and exceptionally fruity. One flavour after the other, coating every part of my mouth, seducing my taste buds and cooling my palate. What a delight to vape.

On the exhale, a classic old school bubblegum flavour with a twist. The sensational taste from the bubblegum was far nicer than I had anticipated. Lingering for moments after you exhale, and filling the room around you with a sweet, decadent aroma. A wonderful combination of flavours and aromas, to delight the child in you.  

Summary:- What can I say, it's bubblegum with a nice surprising twist. 
A tasteful combination that alleviates the sweet tooth and the child in you, and delivers very subtle notes of Koolada. Koolada is a cooling effect which gives your e-liquid the iciness without the mint/menthol flavour. A light, refreshing vape that you can happily puff on all day long. 

Would I buy this e-liquid ................ Yes
Would I change anything about it .................. No
Vapour Production ............... Great as always for a 50PG/50VG juice
Throat hit - Good for 6mg mouth to lung, and a very smooth direct lung inhale.
ADV - Yes. It is quite sweet but not overly sweet. Some may not enjoy it as an all day vape. Me, on the other hand, couldn't put it down. 

Final Thoughts - A very nice e-liquid, especially with the added cooling effect. It was a nice surprise I wasn't expecting to find. It is exactly how you would remember it as a child. A fruity blast which is jam packed with flavour. Sinfully delicious, and great fun to vape. The only things missing are the bubbles and the sticky face. Try some, you won't be disappointed.
Juice No.4 - CHEWING GUM - (6MG) 50PG/50VG

On opening the bottle, there wasn't much aroma to this one. There was a slight fruitiness, but in no way overpowering my nasal passage. Bubblegums are sweet and highly flavoured (see review above). Chewing gum has less sweetness and is lighter in flavour. A flavour being too strong gives a burning to the tongue, and too weak conveys the feeling the e-liquid needs more flavour.
If chewing gum was strong in flavour, the gum would be bitter, so less is always best. 

On the Inhale, I could taste a slight Juicy fruit gum flavour. The flavour was quite weak for my palate, but remember, this is only my opinion. I feel that if it was used in a clearomizer, there would be little to no taste, as clearomizers mute the taste of the e-liquids considerably. I set up my Doge V3 RDA to test the e-liquid, and I found the flavour to be quite bland. In my Griffin RTA the flavour is also very weak, and in the Joyetech One tank, there is practically no taste at all.

On the exhale, still very weak in flavour. It definitely needs more flavour, especially for the newer vapers who use clearomizers and tanks like the aspire nautilus. 

Summary:- I didn't like this flavour. It was very weak in taste. By adding more flavour the e-liquid would be nicer to vape, and the juicy fruit taste would stand out a bit more.

Would I buy this e-liquid ................ No
Would I change anything about it .................. Yes, I would definitely add more flavouring
Vapour Production ............... Great as always from LT for a 50PG/50VG e-liquid
Throat hit - Satisfactory for 6mg mouth to lung, and a very smooth direct lung inhale.
ADV - Yes.

Final Thoughts - A juicy fruit chewing gum vape I didn't really get on with. I tried a few different atty's with the e-liquid and found the taste for me, was too weak. Again, this is only my opinion, and as I always say in my reviews, taste is very subjective and what I dislike you may enjoy, and vice versa. Remember e-liquid flavours vary depending on the power, resistance and airflow of your chosen devices. Different setups give you different flavours at lower and higher temperatures, so please keep that in mind. Sadly this one wasn't for me.

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LTecigs have now opened a new online department store called 'Larsen & Tilbrook'
Please feel free to browse their site. There are a lot of good products to choose from. Art, Jewellery, home decor, scarves, mobile phone accessories, beauty products, handbags, scented candles, compass collectibles, clocks and much more. You can call them if you have any queries on : 01274 809446

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If you are new to vaping, please read all the necessary information on safety and what you should buy for your first time vaping experience. I always suggest an eleaf istick 20w with a nature vape tank, or a Joyetech Ego One Kit or similar, as these are a good starting point, making your vaping experience a pleasant one. There are many new starter kits available on the market today. They are bringing new ones out all the time. So much so, I can't keep up with them all. The setup you buy all depends on YOUR needs. Were you a heavy smoker or a light smoker?. How much are you willing to spend?. What level of nicotine do you want to start with?. There are many decisions to make and lots of information available before you decide what type of setup suits your needs. Stay away from Sub ohm kits as they are NOT for new vapers. The sub ohm kits are for advanced users only. This is another learning curve, and one you can learn later on down the line. Don't let anyone pressure you into getting something that's not suited to your vaping needs. Take your time and choose wisely. You can change your setup later on if need be. First read and understand all the necessary information about battery safety, what are high amp batteries?, what should you use them for. There are literally hundreds of youtube videos explaining everything about vaping and safety issues, and a lot of experienced vapers, giving their time by doing reviews of what's new on the market, or what e-liquids to buy, and what ones to stay away from. The vaping community as a whole help each other. Vaping is world wide. You will find massive followings on any of your social media sites. Please be sure to learn as much as you can before making a decision on what to purchase. Sub ohming isn't for everyone. Most advanced users have it as a hobby. For most new vapers, staying with an Joyetech ego twist battery and a clearomizer tank gives them everything they need to keep them off the stinkies, and that's all they'll ever need. They are happy with what they have, and they don't see any reason for spending more money when the setup they have gives them everything they need. To everyone their own, as it goes. Once you buy your initial setup, all you need is some e-liquid, and there are thousands to choose from. Some good, some not so good.  We have many vaping forums you can join. Everyone in the forums will answer any questions you might have on vaping. They are all very helpful. There are also threads you can read that will basically tell you everything you need to know about vaping, and what you should and shouldn't buy, and great links to some reputable online ecig/e-liquid stores. I will put the links of some of the forums below. If you are looking for online vaping stores, you can find a huge list of links on my blog. Go and check them out. 

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