Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Black Menph by Dog's Grog

3mg - 80VG/20PG from Vape Sales UK

One of the first made, and long time favourites! Tasty blackcurrant aniseed with menthol with hints of spearmint.  

The juice comes in 0mg, 3mg, & 6mg. The prices are: 10ml - £4.50, 
30ml - £10.99, 100ml - £25.00.
The bottles come with child safety caps and tactile warning labels. There was a use by date on the bottle, which is good. The labels are clearly printed and easily read.
Bottle Type - Clear pet plastic dropper bottle - Tamper evident & child resistant.
Colour of liquid - Blue
Primary Flavours - Blackcurrant, Aniseed with menthol!
PG/VG Ratio - 80VG/20PG

My opinion of the e-liquid I am reviewing today is my own, and will be my true and honest opinion as always. Taste is very subjective and what I dislike you may enjoy, and vice versa. Remember e-liquid flavours vary depending on the power, resistance and airflow of your chosen devices. Different setups give you different flavours at lower and higher temperatures, so please keep that in mind.

On opening the bottle, the earthy aroma of aniseed fanned from the bottle. Subtle notes of spearmint lay behind the earthiness of the aniseed, and a sweet fruity fragrance of blackcurrant pushed it's way through. I couldn't detect any menthol in the mix.  

On the Inhale, a sweet licorice-like aromatic taste, which has led to the use of anise oils in licorice candy. A very moreish flavour, almost creamy and distinctive of it's dark earthy flavour. A touch of spearmint gives the aniseed body, bringing the flavour out to be it's best. Very smooth and vibrant, it slides off the palate, reaching every crevice of your mouth filling it with the most lucid flavour, making it sweeter and fresher.

On the exhale, a punchy, fruity blackcurrant taste, with the light icy kick of menthol flows over your lips and leaves a refreshingly sweet lingering aftertaste on the palate for moments afterwards. Refreshing and very palatable. Certainly one for the lovers of aniseed vapes. Very smooth on the exhale with an exceedingly good flavour. 

Summary:- A Very refreshing vape. The mint isn't overpowering,  it's the perfect blend of flavours. Reminds me of Heisenberg e-liquid but a much more pleasant vape in my opinion, and not as strong as some Heisenbergs I have tried. No harshness, very clean and smooth. A very satisfying flavour. All in all a good juice.

Would I buy this e-liquid ................ Yes
Would I change anything about it ................. No, it's perfect
Vapour Production ............... Very Good
ADV..................... Yes
Final Thoughts................... I really enjoyed this e-liquid. A palate cleanser which is very refreshing and an e-liquid I will keep in my daily rotation.

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