Friday, 18 March 2016

Chuff Stuff UK

Today I am reviewing 'Mammas' by Chuff Stuff UK
MAMMAS £4.50 for 10ml
Mammas is sweet, smooth and creamy. Strawberries, creams and a little something else will leave your mouth watering for more. 
This e liquid is easily an ADV. 80vg/20pg
Suggested steep period : 3 days from date of order .
Personal vape strengths are to be left in the notes section at checkout please.

The juice comes in 0, 3, 6, 12, & 18mg. You can choose 15ml - £4.50, 30ml £7.50, 50ml £11.50, & 100ml £20.50. My preferred nicotine level for this e-liquid is 6mg.
The bottles come with child safety caps and tactile warning labels. The labels are clearly printed and easily read. No Use by Date was found. There are 10 flavours to choose from on their website, which I will also be reviewing.
Bottle Type - Unicorn bottles for 15ml & 30ml. Larger 50ml & 100ml bottles come with nozzles.
Colour - Clear/Light/Golden
Primary Flavours - Strawberries, creams, and a little something extra.
PG/VG Ratio - 80VG/20PG
My opinion of the e-liquid I am reviewing today is my own, and will be my true and honest opinion as always. Taste is very subjective and what I dislike you may enjoy, and vice versa. Remember e-liquid flavours vary depending on the power, resistance and airflow of your chosen devices. Different setups give you different flavours at lower and higher temperatures, so please keep that in mind.

On opening the bottle, I could smell the aroma of plump, sweet, ripened strawberries, with a light, subtle milkiness following behind the fruit. A gorgeous aroma, sure to bring back blissful memories. Strawberries are love, mysticism, eroticism and are meant to fill you full of sexual desires. Shaped as hearts, they are eaten on many different occasions. Sweet and mouthwateringly good, they are left to the imagination. The scent from the bottle was simply divine.

On the Inhale, the strawberry flavour slowly trickled over my palate, awakening my senses. Deliciously sweet and full of childhood memories of my Grandfathers Strawberry patch. In each garden strawberries have a place. The memories of sinking your teeth into a warm, fresh and juicy strawberry straight from the strawberry patch was more than inviting........ There was nothing more rewarding than sitting in the garden on a hot summers day with the sun beating down, chilling with a handful of freshly picked warm strawberries straight from the garden. The flavours are well balanced and the inhale is smooth and semi-sweet. It has the perfect concoction of fruity and creamy notes, ensuring that the inhale isn't heavy but rather light and subtle.

On the exhale, combining the fruity, mouthwatering flavour of strawberry and the sweet delicious flavour of the cream, it ends with a smooth harmonious blend you won't want to put down. You will be eager for more after that first vape. Again, the exhale is very smooth and in no way harsh. The flavours blend perfectly together, ensuring you get the perfect vape possible everytime. 

Summary:- A pronounced and well balanced e-liquid, with an impeccable fusion of strawberries and creams, and that little something extra, which I couldn't pick out, but as strawberries and creams go, this is by far the nicest one i've had to date. 

Would I buy this e-liquid ................ Yes, I already have.
Would I change anything about it ................. No, it's perfect the way it is.
Vapour Production ............... Excellent as always
ADV..................... Yes definitely. It's very light, refreshing and smooth
Final Thoughts................... Amazing e-liquid and one I will always have in my daily vaping rotation. A true winner in my opinion and a very satisfying vape, leaving a nice lingering aftertaste on the palate.

Chuff Stuff are a small run company. Their e-liquids are made in small batches to control quality.
Should you wish to contact them either to stock their liquids or a customer enquiry please do so via email on or telephone. 

Business hours are:
9am - 7pm Monday through Friday
9am - 5pm Saturdays
Closed on Sundays
Telephone : +44 7871 298716

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