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Today I am reviewing four new e-liquids, sent to me free for review by Sharon and Flemming at LTecigs in Shipley UK. The new flavours should be introduced to their store soon. 'Witchcraft' is available for sale and comes in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. 10ml priced at only £2.

The e-liquids I am reviewing today are :-
Witchcraft (6mg) 50PG/50VG - 'A Cauldron Mix of Fruits'.
Banana CC (18mg) 50PG/50VG - 'Banana Custard Cream'
Breakfast (18mg) 50PG/50VG -  
Rainbow (18mg) 50PG/50VG - 'A Rainbow of Fruits'

I am using my Disrupter at 30w with my tugboat atty reading 0.5ohm.
All bottles come with child safety caps. The labels are all clearly printed and easily read. There is also a use by date on each bottle, and every bottle you buy will come filled to the brim, so you are getting more for your money.
LTecigs customer service is impeccable, their standard of e-liquid can't be beaten, both in quality and price, and Shipping times are remarkable, as is the standard of service they produce. The ingredients used by LTecigs are of the highest quality, and are made here in the UK. A truly wonderful company to deal with and one I recommend you try if you haven't already done so.
My opinion of the e-liquids I am reviewing today are my own, and will be my true and honest opinion as always.

Juice No.1 - 'Witchcraft'

On opening the bottle, A beautiful mix of rich, sweet aromas wafted from the bottle. To me it's scent reminded me of pear drops, the little hard boiled candies I enjoyed as a child. Some are red, and some are yellow in colour, and they resemble the shapes of miniature pears with a sugary coating. Secondly, soft chewy jelly babies, with hints of sweetie bananas. Straight away this e-liquid made my mouth salivate. It was like smelling a sweetie shop packed into a bottle.

On the Inhale, Wow! What a surprise. I wasn't expecting this one. My tastebuds came to life as I took my first inhale. I wasn't ready for the surprise that awaited me. A wave of icy cool vapour swept over my palate, chilling my senses and filling every inch of my mouth. Cool, refreshing and extremely pleasing.

On the exhale, I could taste the pear drops with a hint of what actually tasted of jelly babies and banana. The same taste sensation as the aromas I got when opening the bottle. A sweetie shop in my mouth bursting with flavour. Swooshing over my palate, filling every crevice of my mouth, whilst reminding me of my childhood. The flavours danced and skipped over my tongue leaving a remaining taste on my tastebuds. Smooth and sweet but not overly sweet. A pleasurable chilling sensation with an icy kick without the mintiness. The cooling effect definitely brought this juice to another level. It heightened the pleasure of the vape, and the first word that came to mind was 'Yummy'. I loved this e-liquid.

Summary:- A fantastic e-liquid. I really enjoyed this one. It was smooth on the palate, cooling and refreshing, with just the right amount of chill factor. The flavours blended beautifully together, and complimented the juice perfectly. There was a slight sweetness, and it was just the right amount. It wasn't in any way cloying or overpowering, and left me with feelings of consistency and richness. A world of silence, and a room filled with stillness and contentment, as I sat back and enjoyed my time with 'Witchcraft.

Would I buy this e-liquid ................ Most definitely Yes.
Would I change anything about it .................. No, it's perfect as it is.
Vapour Production ............... Produces a solid amount of vapour for a 50/50 juice.
Throat hit - Yes it's spot on. Just what you would expect from a 6mg e-liquid. Good lung hit too.
ADV - Yes I could vape this all day. It's mellow and smooth with a great punch of flavour.

Final Thoughts - This e-liquid ticks all the things I look for in an e-liquid. It's one I haven't been able to put down since receiving it from Sharon and Flemming. I recommend you give this one a try. You won't be disappointed.

Juice No.2 - 'Banana CC' - 'Banana Custard Cream'

On opening the bottle, I could smell hints of banana. It was a pleasant scent, but there wasn't a strong aroma from this one. It had a creaminess to the aroma. I could smell vanilla, but very slightly. I was looking forward to trying this one as I love anything with banana in it.

On the Inhale, a mild banana flavour smoothly flowed over my palate. I didn't really taste much creaminess in the e-liquid but the vanilla lay behind the banana nicely. I would say the banana was more to the forefront of the juice. It is a very mellow, smooth vape but lacked a bit in flavour. I always say that taste is subjective and I may not get what others do. To me, if a touch more flavouring was added, this e-liquid would be an enjoyable vape.

On the exhale, again, a soft banana taste. The vanilla flavour comes out a little more, but still lacks in flavour for me.

Summary:- A pleasant vape. I didn't really get the banana custard flavour but if more flavouring was added, this would be a pleasant vape. I have tried a wide range of LTecigs e-liquids and there hasn't been one I haven't liked.

Would I buy this e-liquid ................ No, sadly this one wasn't for me, but I'll be buying the other three.
Would I change anything about it .................. Yes, I would add a touch more flavour to enhance the overall taste.
Vapour Production ............... Produces a good amount of vapour for a 50/50 juice.
Throat hit - Yes, good throat hit as you would expect from an 18mg e-liquid
ADV - Yes it could be an all day vape. It is a mild and mellow juice, so it would suit vapers who enjoy less flavour in their e-liquids.

Final Thoughts - This e-liquid is a nice vape, but it lacks in flavour for me. Sadly it's not one for me, but If you like banana custards, give this one a try. Taste is very subjective.

Juice No.3 - 'Breakfast'

On opening the bottle, a rich dark coffee aroma, wafts into the air from the bottle. I love my coffee vapes and LTecigs have a few lovely coffee vapes. Tiramisu being one of my favourites. I couldn't wait to get this in my atty and give it a try as the scent from the bottle was very inviting.

On the Inhale, a medium breakfast coffee flavour with of a hint of cream and a touch of vanilla. I could feel the smoothness gliding over my palate and resting on my tastebuds. It has no bitter taste and is blended to perfection, with just the slightest hint of sweetness. With me not being allowed sugar, I've got used to not having it over the years, and It's great when we vapers have all these wonderful e-liquid flavours at hand. They give us what we need to satisfy those cravings we all have from time to time. LTecigs have outdone themselves when it comes to e-liquids. They have a wonderful array of flavours to suit everyone's requirements.

On the exhale, flavourful vapour flowed back over my palate, and on my lips I could taste what I thought was toast. The e-liquid had a toasty, cereal type of taste which was really nice. I'm not sure what flavours are in the 'Breakfast' e-liquid, but to me it tasted of coffee and toast, coffee cereal or some sort of coffee and croissant flavour. It was really nice. I could be totally wrong, but I thoroughly enjoyed vaping this one, and tasting it blind, not knowing what flavours were in it, made it even more mystical.

Summary:- I really liked this e-liquid. Coffee flavours are one of my favourite vapes. This is another nice coffee e-liquid to add to LTecigs ever growing coffee collection.

Would I buy this e-liquid ................ Yes
Would I change anything about it .................. No it's perfect as it is.
Vapour Production ............... Produces a solid amount of vapour for a 50/50 juice.
Throat hit - Yes, good throat hit that you would expect from an 18mg juice.
ADV - Yes it could be an all day vape. It's perfectly blended and isn't sweet or bitter in any way.

Final Thoughts - This is a very nice breakfast coffee vape. I enjoyed this one. It's in no way overpowering and has a very pleasant flavour.

Juice No.4 - 'Rainbow'

On opening the bottle, the most fragrant aroma of mixed fruits wafts from the bottle. It reminds me of mixed forest berries with hints of citrus. It was full of wonderful fruity aromas and the scent was sublime. Making my mouth water, I couldn't wait try it.

On the Inhale, a wonderful array of fruit flavours danced over my palate coating every part of my mouth. There was a slight fizziness tingling on my tongue, and it took me back to my childhood days when I used to buy the packets of 'Sherbet Dabs'. I don't know if you can still buy them. It essentially was a paper bag you'd tear across the top. It contained rainbow sherbet, and it came with a strawberry lollipop. You'd lick the lollipop to wet it, and then you would dab the lollipop in the bag (Poke in Scottish). The sherbet would stick to the lollipop so you could lick it off. You would keep doing this until the sherbet was finished, then it was time to eat the lollipop. I used to love them, and this is what I experienced when I tried 'Rainbow'. It is a very refreshing vape. The main fruits used in making sherbet are orange, raspberry, lime, lemon, and pineapple. Sherbet is traditionally used between meals as it helps to cleanse the palate, and is very popular with both children and adults alike.

On the exhale, the flavour had oodles of fruitiness, and on leaving my mouth I tasted a slight floral note which added character to the flavour. The flavour changed slightly again, and when gliding over my lips, I tasted what seemed like 'Skittles'. A beautiful enigmatic flavour and one to try when you get the chance.

Summary:- This is a really nice flavour, and I enjoyed vaping this one a lot. It had a nice sweetness, which wasn't overly sweet or cloying. It had the perfect blend of flavours to make this a truly satisfying, refreshing vape.
Would I buy this e-liquid ................ Yes.
Would I change anything about it .................. No, it's nice the way it is.
Vapour Production ............... Produces a solid amount of vapour for a 50/50 juice.
Throat hit - Yes it's what you'd expect for an 18mg e-liquid.
ADV - Yes it could be an all day vape.

Final Thoughts - I really enjoyed this e-liquid. It was very palatable and refreshing. Another lovely e-liquid from Sharon and Flemming.

I'm not sure when the e-liquids will be going live on LTecigs website but if you keep an eye on their online store, they should be up for sale soon. The 'Witchcraft' is being sold in 10ml bottles at the moment for only £2.00.

We welcome contact from customers by telephone and our office hours are 9.00 - 12.00 and 13.00 - 17.00 Monday - Thursday. Friday 9.00 - 12.00.
If we are unavailable to take your call please email us or leave a voice message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can contact them here for any Inquiries you may have :-
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Landline: 01274 809446

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