Tuesday, 1 October 2013

'Pear Drops', Created By Paul Bowers,

'Pear Drops', Created By Paul Bowers, who owns

Juice Review 01/10/2013
The review I am doing today is 'Pear Drops' with extra flavour added.

My opinion of this juice will be my true and honest opinion as always.

All bottles are beautifully labelled and easily read, and come with tactile warnings and child proof safety caps.
I am using my dripper at 1.7ohm, on my Provari, set at 4.1 volts.
The juices I am reviewing is 36mg 70pg/30vg and this was my chosen nicotine strength.

All Liquids are mixed to order and normally dispatched within 24/48 hours first class registered mail.
Liquids are best left steeping for at least 5 days to get the best results.

Description of flavour on website:-
Pear Drops (remember those sweets as a child) flavoured e-liquid.

On opening the bottle, the pleasant aroma of pear drops. Quite simply pear drops. There was nothing complicated in this e-liquid. You could tell just by smelling the scent from the bottle what it was. It reminded me of the little pink and yellow tear drop sweets I bought as a child. They're an old classic, and I hadn't tried them for a long time. The aroma from the bottle was very reminiscent of the ones from the sweetie shops and I couldn't wait to try it. These sweets were a British favourite and a unique childhood taste. Pear drops nowadays don't taste the same and while I was doing my research on the retro classic, I came across some interesting news.

A pear drop is a traditional British hard boiled sweet. It is shaped like a pear and may have a pear flavouring. These sweets are instantly recognizable not just by their shape, but by their two tone colouring. Usually half of the pear drop is pink and the other half is yellow. Some pear drop sweets may also be wholly pink and wholly yellow.
Formerly, artificial colours and flavours were used to give the pear drop its classic look and taste. These had the advantage of being more convenient to use and of assuring batch conformity. They also gave the sweets a longer shelf life.
Because of the way pear drops used to be made and what they were made with. It is now common for sweet manufacturers to use pear juice concentrates or the apple extract malic acid. This has, of course, rather altered the taste and the look of the pear fruit sweets. They simply don't taste like they used to.

On the inhale, Wow, this was gorgeous. It tasted just as I had remembered. The pear was just perfect and this brought all my memories flooding back of just how good they tasted back in the day. Pear drops have a very distinctive flavour and straight away you can tell what it is. I used to think it smelled and tasted like nailvarnish.
I've just fallen in love with my childhood again.  It really does taste unmistakably like pear drops.

On the exhale, again the most fragrant taste of pear drops. It coated my palate while the flavour lingered on my tastebuds for a while after. It was truly an amazing juice, and I would recommend to anyone. Give this a try, you won't be disappointed..

Vapour production was really good for a 70pg/30vg juice and produced clouds of vapour, the throat hit was perfect with it being 36mg.  The flavour was exceptionally nice, and one I vape all day.

If you would like to try any of Paul's juices,
You can Contact him, either on his facebook page where he will be happy to answer any of your questions.
or order directly from his online shop at


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