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'Mocha' Created By

'Mocha' Created By

Juice Review 10/08/2013

This is a written review of 'Mocha' created by James and Jade who own 'Vaper Train', A web based E-cig store situated in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. The juice is 18mg 50pg/50vg, and is one of their new E-liquids in the 'VT Buffet Car' Range. A new line of Premium made juices using only the best ingredients which are all sourced in the UK.

James and Jade kindly sent me this e-liquid, for the purpose of review.
In their own words:-
Mocha, if like me you love coffee and chocolate you will love this although we keep the chocolate very subtle with this vape. This is great first thing in the morning or after a meal.
Mocha E-liquid, comes in a 50% PG and 50% VG mix,and comes in 10ml, 30ml and 50ml bottles with child proof caps and choice of nicotine strengths from 0-24mg. If you request a higher nicotine strength you can let them know your requirements at checkout.

All bottles are beautifully labelled and easily read, and come with tactile warnings and child proof safety caps. Shipping is super fast and customer service is top notch.

On opening the bottle, A rich full bodied Columbian coffee. Strong and rich, wafting it's essence in the air. An aroma of freshly brewed, ground coffee beans, flowing through the house as if the percolator was brewing morning coffee for breakfast. There was a subtle spiciness and the scent of the coffee took me back to the Medellin Mountains of northern Colombia. In a dreamy state I was Sitting high above the valley and looking down at the city below, whilst taking in the aromas of freshly grown coffee beans from the plantations not so faraway. The essence of Colombia resides high in the mountains.
I am quite partial to my full roasted, columbian coffees. with their, silky body, cane sugar sweetness, floral hints and traces of tropical fruits are all found in the best Colombia coffees.
The aromatic flavours of a good coffee bean, are sweet and with heavy chocolate tones and this smelled deliciously tempting.

On the inhale, a beautiful full bodied rich columbian coffee, sweet with what tasted like hints of brown sugar. A slight hint of sweetness, which fades into a powdery cocoa finish. A dark, mellow chocolate lies subtly across my palate very soft, and not overpowering, as the flavour of the coffee is the more prominent flavour of the two. I would say this coffee was of medium Intensity. It wasn't too light that you couldn't taste it and it wasn't to strong nor bitter. I found it to be very relaxing and just the perfect balance to make this e-liquid the perfect vape.

On the exhale, hints of dark chocolate but foremost was the richness of the coffee. There was a slight floral note to take any bitterness away from the strength of the coffee, making it a flavour I would most certainly vape all day.

The dark roasted Colombian coffee beans are deliciously strong, rich, full-bodied, and just like a traditional Colombian cup of coffee, which I usually enjoy at the start of my day. This juice is more mellow with softer tones, but has the intensity needed for a good flavoursome coffee. Not being sweet, this e-liquid is one I will enjoy, as I'm not a sugar fanatic and don't have sugar in my coffee or my tea. This I would consider to be a beautiful vape in the morning as it offers superior taste, superior qualities and a beautiful rich aroma.

If you would like to try Vaper Trains new line of UK flavours, please go to their website or visit them on their facebook page at
They also have a wonderful blog which can be entered through their website, and I will leave a link here for you here, as I think it is very informative and definitely worth a good read.
There is an extensive section on their website regarding all aspects of Electronic Cigarettes and E-liquids and it covers everything you need to know from the history of the E-cig to E-liquid/Nicotine Safety.

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