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'Sunset' Created by David Mallick

Juice Review 15/06/2013
'Sunset' Created by David Mallick

David Mallick is a member of the 'Vapers Unite Group' on Facebook, and has sent this juice to me, for review.
This is a written review of 'Sunset' and my opinion of this juice will be my true and honest opinion as always. The juice I am reviewing is 24mg 50pg/50vg.
The bottles all come with child proof safety caps, and have warnings on the labels, with all necessary information, which can be easily read.
I am using a dripper at 2 ohms on my Evic set at 10 watts.

David, so kindly, sent me a beautiful letter with this juice, as he wanted me, to share, with you, his story of 'Sunset', a new juice created by David himself, and how very special it is, to him and his beautiful wife.., and why this juice has been born.
They had just been married, and On the first night of their honeymoon, David and his wife sat outside a small taverna (Greek restaurant)-(ταβέρνα), overlooking a beach in Crete, 'Greece'. It was  very quiet in the Taverna, and the owner went up to them, and asked them if he could join their company. David and his wife gracefully agreed. They carried on talking, and the owner told them, that even although it was the busy tourist season, business was very quiet, and it was due to a new, all-inclusive hotel that had been built, only a few miles away. He said, that in order to attract new people to his Taverna, he was trying to make new, up and coming cocktails, that no one had ever tried before, and would David and his wife be interested in trying those for him, instead of just ordering Beer. They both agreed to sample them to see what they were like.
The night had gone on, and many samples later, he gave them a drink, which was mainly 'Bucks Fizz' based, ('Fresh orange and champagne') but it had a slight hint of banana, and many other fruits in it. This was a drink that was soon to be one of their favourites. They were sitting watching the sun going down over the horizon together. It may have been the alcohol, it may have just been the occasion, but this was the drink they both enjoyed the most. They brought home those beautiful memories, of that night in Crete and David has since told me, he wanted to replicate that cocktail, from their honeymoon, they both enjoyed so much.
  It took several attempts, and many recipe tweaks, but the results are sensational, – the hard work was worthwhile and today - 'SUNSET',  has been born, while David, and his wife's special memories together in Crete, live on.
A very special juice, with a secret blend of ingredients, has been brought to you today, to sample and enjoy, in an exciting, sensational new juice.
On opening the bottle, the slight aroma of a creamy fresh banana, but with a certain amount of fizziness. It was almost like opening a bottle of fizzy lemonade. Sparkly and citrusy notes, with hints of orange. The aroma was very refreshing, and there was a slight hint of lemon. Tiny bubbles of sparkling champagne and notes of citrus, with a slight hint of spice, made this juice very enticing.

On the inhale, the first flavour to seduce my tastebuds, was the sweet flavour of fresh Oranges, very like an orange cream, sweet and acidic but also creamy. I could taste a sweet lemonade note, a chilled bubbly champagne, and a dash of lime juice. It was punchy and cool. It was refreshing and sassy,  and the flavour of banana, light and mellow, came through towards the end. There were flavours in there I couldn't quite put my finger on, but I knew this was another of David's Premium juices, with an extra special twist.
On the exhale a citrus kick with maybe a slight taste of vodka , and again a deeper creamier banana with hints of citrus and grapefruit. There is nothing to compare to this juice, as it Satisfies the senses with seductiveness and excitement.

This juice is for relaxing, forgetting everything around you, and dreaming you are on a deserted beach, lying on the warm sand, with the sun beating down on your skin, whilst listening to the motion of the waves, rolling onto the shores edge. Back and forth, you listen, and you can hear everything there is to nature, around you. A soft breeze, rippling over your body, cooling you, to the very touch. Looking up towards a cloudless sky and watching as the birds fly overhead. Just letting yourself dream. Lying there with the one you love. Holding hands, Everything becomes still and quiet, as you wait, lovingly together for the 'SUNSET'.

This mystical mix has it's own story. A fruity punch that subdues the senses, a mix of bright citrus notes and a sweet touch of fruity goodness with creamy banana and sparkling champagne, giving this juice it's character. Am I right, in guessing the flavours David has put into this juice are correct, or are you going to try it for yourself and see where it takes you. You won't be disappointed.

With the setup I was using, the flavours were beautiful, the throat hit was perfect, and the vapour production was immense.

If you would like to try any of David Mallick's sensational recipes. Please contact him through the 'Vapers Unite Group' on Facebook, where he will be happy to give you a full range of his flavours and prices.

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