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'Rhubarb and custard' and 'Creme Brulee' Created By David Mallick.

Juice Review 12/06/2013 - 'Rhubarb and custard' and 'Creme Brulee' Created By David Mallick.

Today I am reviewing two juices. Rhubarb and custard and Creme Brulee, created by David Mallick, A member of 'Vapers Unite Group' on Facebook, who kindly sent them to me for review.

This is a written review of both juices, and my opinion on the juice will be my true and honest opinion as always.
The flavours I am reviewing are both 24mg 50pg/50vg.
I am using a dripper at 1.8 ohm on the provari set to 4.5 volts.

I will begin with the first juice, which is 'Rhubarb and Custard'
The bottles all come fitted with child proof safety caps, and have all the necessary warnings on the labels, that you can quite easily read.

On opening the bottle, the aroma of freshly grown Rhubarb hit my senses, bittersweet, with a slight sweetness, making my mouth water.
On the inhale, a beautiful sweet rhubarb, a bit tart, not unlike a stewed rhubarb with a tiny helping of sugar, coated my palate and filled the whole of my mouth, with a very mellow, creamy goodness.
On the exhale, a slight cooling sensation with a creamy vanilla custard and the sharpness of the rhubarb making it an irresistable yumminess, I could certainly vape this all day. The Best Rhubarb and Custard sweets I've Ever Tasted.
Can you Imagine Tasting The Perfect Rhubarb & Custard Sweet?.
The rhubarb tastes fresh and with just the right hint of sharpness. This is perfectly balanced by the rich, luxuriousness, of the sweet, creamy custard. When the two flavours combine with a hint of cooling, just barely noticeable, it makes for a truly classic boiled sweet. Those taste sensations are truly delectable. A truly moreish vape.

Moving onto my next review by David is, 'Creme Brulee'.
'Creme Brulee' is a dessert, consisting of a rich custard base, topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel. It is normally served at room temperature.
On opening the bottle, I could smell the aroma of a very rich, creamy custard.  I could imagine it to be a thick, heavy, creamy, vanilla custard. It's aromas were simply devine.
On the inhale, a rich, creamy, catalan vanilla, with a slightly spicy undertone with a touch of nutmeg. I could taste the freshness in this flavour, not like a custard as I had first imagined, but as a Creme brulee should be. I could taste the eggs, the milk, the brown sugar, and a rich but subtle catalan vanilla cream, simply coating my palate and filling my mouth with the most pleasureable, comforting flavours of a good quality dessert. If you have sampled this dish before, you will know by tasting this juice that it's a perfect Creme brulee. Sweet but not overly sweet. Creamy but not sickeningly creamy. Smooth and delicious, and I savoured each flavour separately.

On the exhale a warm, caramel undertone, not unlike a creamy condensed milk, with a lavish caremelised brown sugar, and the most gorgeous flavours combined, seducing the senses in a delectable mix that cannot be described. It has to be tasted, to be believed.......

Both juices have excellent vapour production and throathit with the setup I was using.

If you would like to try these beautiful flavours, you can contact David Mallick through the 'Vapers Unite' group on facebook.

David's current flavour list is :-
Choc Ice Cream
Raspberry Cream
Choc Limes
Choc Banana
Chocolate Eclairs (Pastry)
Chocolate Eclairs (sweets)
Apple and Pear
Coconut ice
Blood Orange
Ecto Cooler

Coming Soon :-
Rhubarb and Custard
Creme Brulee

Future Releases :- Reviews for those are going up Next
Mint Toffee

Stay Tuned for more Reviews.

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