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Black Betty juice review from Barry Peach

Juice Review 15/06/2013
'Black Betty' Created by Barry Peach.

Barry Peach is a member of 'The Vapers Unite Group' on facebook and has sent this juice to me, for review.
This is a written review of 'Black Betty', a new up and coming juice Barry has created. 
My opinion on this juice will be my true and honest opinion as always. The juice I am reviewing is 18mg 50pg/50vg.
The bottles all come with child proof safety caps, and have warnings on the labels, with all necessary information, which can be easily read.

I am using a dripper at 1.9 ohms on my Evic set at 8 watts.
On opening the bottle, the earthy, dark, aroma of anise, almost like a black liquorice or fennel spice, begin to heat up my senses. A bit similar to star anise, which has the same aroma as Aniseed. Both aren't related, although the scents are quite similar. An aromatic, fresh aniseed, not unlike the liqueur- Absinthe, which I adore, and on the softer side, the most beautiful fragrance, of sweet Ranier cherries. Fresh, succulently juicy and ripe, just waiting to be hand picked and eaten straight from the cherry tree. Being one of the more expensive fruits of the cherry family, it is sweet, refined, and packed full of rich flavour. The fragrance from this juice, makes my mouth water. A juice which takes you to the highest of gastronomic heights.

On the inhale, the rich fullness and distinctive spiciness of the aniseed, leaves a tingle on the tip of your tongue. Seducing you from the first taste, as the vapour rolls around your mouth and struts over your tongue with sweet and sensual flavours.
This is very palate pleasing, and fills your whole mouth with an intense pleasure of a dark and light rhapsody of flavours. Very soft, but very distinct.

Aniseed is a common sweet-snack in India, and many people in India chew aniseed all day. It freshens the breath, and promotes a sense of digestive wellbeing. Aniseed is also one of the post-desserts "freshen-up" mixes, that you might get served in some Indian restaurants. The flavour is well balanced, and the taste is natural and sweet but not overly sweet, as Aniseed has it's own natural sugars. Aniseed has also been known to bring out the flavours of some dishes. It is beautiful added to fruits and desserts as well as meat and vegetable dishes, and gives them a hot, spicier edge, where the flavours will stand out more.
In this juice, Barry has made, there is the best of both worlds. On the exhale you get the softness and tartness of the Ranier cherries, and the earthiness and the salty sweetness of the Aniseed, making both flavours the most magical combination, I have tried. It is simply devine. A beautiful sweet, earthy delight, of Aniseed and Cherry, to make your tastebuds somersault on your palate and come alive.

On the palate the juice is full, yet refreshing, with flavours of cherry and anise, with a slight spicy touch . The finish is soft and very pleasant.

The marriage of Aniseed and Ranier cherry is arguably the holy grail of flavour pairing. Together, the salty, earthy, and spicy bouquet of the aniseed is overlayed with the penetrating Ranier cherry, and tar-like earth notes of the anise, with no one aroma or flavour overtaking the other, are indescribably the most satisfying of vapes.
Complex and delicious, Ranier cherries and aniseed makes the juice warm and exciting. On the exhale, the initial draw of juice passing through the lips onto the tongue, are garnished with the spices of warm earth. Full of flavour with ample sweetness and a long finish that bodes well for long-term steeping. It is like a good quality wine in richness and flavour, the more you leave it alone, the better the flavours become.

With the setup I was using, the flavour was very enjoyable, the throat hit was perfect, and the vapour production was immense.

Barry has asked me, to mention to everyone,
he has had to make a slight change to 'Lani lu'au', due to his suppliers concentrate base being reformulated. The only difference seems to be a change from red to clear colouring. He has mixed up a few new batches, and there doesn't seem to be much of a change in taste. Instead of the old recipe being a blood red colour, the 'Lani Lu'au' will now be a clear colour. Barry has assured me, there are no changes at all to the finished product.
If you would like to try any of Barry Peach's sensational recipes. Please contact him through the 'Vapers Unite Group' on Facebook, where he will be happy to give you a full range of flavours and prices.

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